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lux style awards 2019

Lux Style awards 2019 is going to be happened very soon and this award show will cover about all of the categories in the showbiz industry. The Lux style awards have already been celebrated for last many years and it has given the awards to different personalities. Lux Style Awards 2019 Most Awaited Nominations.You can watch the list of the nominations for the year 2019, which is now provided for you.

Lux Style Awards Nominations for 2019


  • Cake
  • JPNA2
  • Teefa In Trouble
  • Load Wedding
  • Motorcycle Girl


  • Ahsan Rahim for Teefa In Trouble
  • Asim Abbasi for Cake
  • Haseeb Hassan for Parwaaz Hai Junoon
  • Nabeel Qureshi for Load Wedding
  • Nadeem Baig for JPNA2


  • Ahmed Ali Butt for JPNA2
  • Adnan Malik for Cake
  • Ali Zafar for Teefa In Trouble
  • Fahad Mustafa for Load Wedding
  • Syed Mohammad Ahmed for Cake


  • Amina Sheikh for Cake
  • Sanam Saeed for Cake
  • Mehwish Hayat for Load Wedding
  • Sohai Ali Abro for Motorcycle Girl
  • Hajra Yamin for Pinky Memsaab


  • Arif Lohar for Tillay Wali Jooti in JPNA2
  • Atif Aslam for Thaam Lo in Parwaaz Hai Junoon
  • Mulazim Hussain and Missal Zaidi for Rangeya in Load Wedding
  • Shuja Haider forĀ  Donkey Raja in The Donkey King
  • Natasha Baig and The Sketches for Meri Dunya in Cake


  • Suno Chanda
  • Aisi Hai Tanhai
  • Dar Si Jati Hai Sila
  • Sil Mom Ka Diya
  • Khaani


  • Ahsan Tlaish for Suno Chanda
  • Anjum Shahzad for Khaani
  • Qasim Ali Murid for Aangan
  • Kashif Nisar for Dar Si Jati Hai Sila
  • Shahid Shafat for Dil Mom Ka Diya


  • Amna Mufti for Ghuggi
  • Asma Nabeel for Khaani
  • Faiza Iftikhr for Aangan
  • Bee Gul for Dar Si Jati Hai Sila
  • Zanjabeel Asim Shah for Balaa


  • Feroze Khan for Khaani
  • Noman Ijaz for Dra Si Jati hai Sila
  • Bilal Abbas Khan for Balaa
  • Qavi Khan for Aangan
  • Sami Khan for Khudgarz


  • Iqra Aziz for Suno Chanda
  • Neelum Munir for Dil Mom ka Diya
  • Sana Javed for Khaani
  • Sonya Hussyn for Aisi Hai tanhai
  • Ushna Shah for Balaa

Best OST:

  • Aangan by Farhaan Saeed and Naveed Nashad
  • Dar Si Jati Hai Sila for Yasira Haseeb
  • Ghuggi by Bina Khan and Naveed Nashad
  • Khaani by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Naulakha by Saif Samejo

Best Emerging Talent:

  • Amar Khan in Belapur ki Dayan
  • Nabeel Zinairi by Suno Chanda
  • Rida Bilal (Writer) for Khudgurz
  • Osama Tahir in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila
  • Zubab Rana in Mere Khudaya


Best song:

  • Ya Qurbaan by Khumariyan
  • Rang Dy by Chand Tera Orchestra
  • Mein by Meesha Shafi
  • Raat by the Sketches
  • Clap by Faris Shafi and Talal Qureshi

Singer of the year:

  • Bilal Ali of Kashmir fr Khawab
  • Khurram for Ki Jaane
  • Saif sameejo of The Sketches for Raat
  • Shamoon Ismail for Marijuana
  • Moshin Abbas Haider and Sohail Haider for Na Jaa

Best Emerging Talent:

  • Abdullah Siddiqui for Resistance
  • Anna Salman for Middle of Nowhere
  • Nehaal Nasim for Piplaan Di Chaan
  • Saakin for Saaqi e Bewafa
  • Sami Amiri for Umeed e Karwaan


Best Model Female

  • Amna Malik
  • Fahmeen Ansari
  • Zara Abid Sadaf Kanwal


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