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By zeeshan

Famous singer Justin Bieber only moved his lips on various songs during his first live concert in India. He arrived in Mumbai on 9th May where he was warmly welcomed but most of the fans say that their expensive tickets were of no use.

He sung only 4 of the 21 songs of Mumbai concert and only moved his lips for others. He performed in shorts instead of shining dress that was disliked by fans.

There were rumors in Indian media after his arrival that Justin Bieber will participate in the dinner from Jacqueline Fernandez and he will also visit Taj Palace and New Delhi in next two days but the media team of young sister confused Indians and he didn’t travel to any such place.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber


The fans criticized him on social media for his performance in casual clothes. Several people including actors Sonali Bendre, Anurag Basu and Bipasha Basu declared the concert as time wastage. Indian media also shouted on the spoiled condition of DY Stadium after the concert.

According to media reports, the hot weather of Mumbai forced the singer to leave India soon after the concert. After concert, he immediately rushed to airport even without wearing shirt. He sat on the flight of South Africa and went away. The shirtless photos of the Canadian pop singer on airport are also getting viral on social media.

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