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By zeeshan

Karachi, Junaid Jamshed is the leading singe and religious scholar and he was died in the plane crash yesterday. His sudden death in the plane crash created great shock and people did not believe on his death. They shared their mixed feelings. The people of the showbiz industry were also sad with this tragic accident of plane. It is the great loss of the showbiz industry as well as the religious people also deprived of the great religious scholar. Fakher-e-Alam showed his expression by saying that he worked with him for long time and they went of various foreign tours. Now he is praying for the departed souls of the plane crash.

Ibrar ul Haq said that Junaid Jamshed was the man of great heart and he took care of other people. He was the well wisher of the people and he practiced Islam in truly manner. Singer Ali Azmat said that he does not believe this accident has been happened. He is praying for him as Allah Almighty rests him in the eternal peace and shows his blessings on him. Sajjad Ali, Shahzad Roy and Maria Wasti also shared their deep feelings on the tragic accident of the plane crash, which claimed many precious lives including Junaid Jamshed. They also prayed for him to be rested in the eternal peace.

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