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By Safyan

Humaira Arshad

Humaira Arshad

The popular singer, Humaira Arshad put serious allegations on her husband. She complained in her application against her husband that Ahmed Butt attacked on her home and he beat her family members and he also backed out from the promise to hand over the house in replacement of her child. When she complained against him, the police arrested her husband, Ahmed Butt and his brother.

The fight broke out between the singer, Humaira Arshad and her husband, Ahmed Butt. The singer blamed that her husband attacked on her home with his colleagues and he targeted her two nephews. She also said that he threatened for the blasphemy. She called on 15 and the police reached on the spot. The police took immediate action and it arrested Ahmed Butt and his colleagues and they were locked up in the Police Station Punjab Society.

Humaira blamed that Ahmed Butt wanted to snatch her little child from her and Ahmed Butt said that brothers of Humaira attacked on them. The conflict between the two was raised some time ago and Humaira filed a case for divorce against her husband in the court but after the compromise, she took back her case from the court.

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