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Mathira is the anchor in the morning show of a television channel and she became known in public due to her bold style and attitude. She is also a famous Pakistani model and VJ and she has the skill to be remained in the NEWS because of her bold attitude, modeling, interviews and different photo shoots, which the public watched and appreciated her bold style. Now she has decided to start singing and try her luck in singing and she is now working for the release of her first music album in the market.

Mathira Hot Pics

Mathira Hot Pics


She started working on the music and she has an alliance with the music director, Moeen Khan lived in Karachi. She has prepared the audio songs first and after the completion of the audio affects, she will start shooting of the videos for the songs. When the videos of the songs will be finalized, she will start finalizing the songs.

Mathira has also worked in the videos of the songs and her bold and vulgar style became popular. She has also worked in the videos of the 12 years old singer, Arbaaz Khan and released the videos of ‘Tonite’ and ‘Jadugar’. This will be her big surprise for the fans, who do not know that she can also sing the songs. Let’s see what will be response of the people on the videos and her songs and may they like her video shooting on these songs.

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