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Filmstar Noor said that competition should be from others instead of our own people. It is right to compete against films of neighbor country but it’s not appropriate to compete against people of own country. The restoration of Pakistan film industry started with quite success but it should be remembered that division only harms instead of give benefit.

Noor bukhari

Noor bukhari


Positive effects will be achieved when actors of film and TV work together. Young filmmakers are doing tremendous job while our senior directors are also producing good films. She said that our people of TV production have produced and directed films during the past few years which is a good sign while young actors have also performed well.

She is very happy on that because Pakistani film industry is recovering but few people are seeing it as a competition and superiority. It is also wrong to not praise the actors who performed brilliantly in the Pakistani film industry in the past. The performance of film stars Waheed Murad, Nadeem, Babra Shareef, Shabnam and others have no example. But now few people are criticizing them.

It’s not right as we only have to compete against our neighbor country and we should pay attention to produce good and quality films in order to promote our film industry. In replying a question, the actress said that the last spell of her film “Ishq Positive” will start soon and its shooting will be completed next month. They have also worked hard on the music of the film as it is important in the success of a film and she will advise the young filmmakers to pay attention on music of their films.

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