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Amisha is beautiful, and the brief appearance in Om Shanti Om is enough evidence of her glamor skills. But offscreen not seem ready for the glamorous Bollywood. To play the hottie them they will have to act in Bollywood Bollywood too. On screen and off screen, she will in the spotlight and the Bollywood lifestyle to accept before it becomes popular as the worst dressed certified.


Hot Amisha Patel

Hot Amisha Patel


She had conservative parents and was not bred to be an actress. But now she is an actress in Bollywood and has also been lucky with the Bollywood limelight, she will just have to accept before Bollywood gives its worst dressed as usual.

She needs to dress like the Bollywood Diva she is treated. Therefore, looking awkward and uncomfortable off-screen? She has some great assets, she needs them all to good use! If they pull him in Om Shanti Om then it can again.

And hatred too picky, but work on these weapons. That dangling, hanging fat is quite ugly! Bollywood is about the size zero and immaculate dressing sense after all.

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