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Sana is Lollywood film heroine and has a successful film career. She is beautiful and very good actress, but she has to concentrate on the dressing sense. She is by far the worst dress celebrity Pakistan.Sana started her showbiz career as TV actress. . Sana has acted in the film Sangam in 1997. Sana’s Movie with Moammar Rana film Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa, directed by Javed Sheikh was a super hit movie. Sana’s films are very popular and she is a celebrity in the film industry.


Hot Sana in Water

Hot Sana in Water

While Sana has gained much fame over the period of time, but it’s sad to say how they do not change her dress sense. There are times when Sana is actually seen in hideous clothes. Sana who is the worst dress women in Pakistan should put as much effort as she does in her work. There are very few occasions when Sana was wearing something nice. When Sana misses the feeling she should hire a designer to help her to dress her age and her status because she is the end of the day represents the people of Pakistan.

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