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Farah Hussain needs to evolve her fashion aesthetics1 Comment

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The Fashion Police Fashion Trends and magnifying its fluttering here and there in the vast and glamorous world of the Pakistani entertainment industry, looking for a celebrity, a fashion that certainly needs rehab, and we found the one, yes, the one , that might be simple and sober but still they doubt our help!


Cute Farah Hussain

Cute Farah Hussain


Yes, Farah Hussain, the popular morning show host on ATV. Do not you think they wear dresses that are too old fashioned? Well, we do! When we look at the vintage embroidery and designs, we feel they literally have to develop her fashion aesthetic a bit more in the world of this great competition.

And what’s worse, boring old color combinations, improper attachments only flatter her body shape. It all seems so boring and monotonous to a person with whom you want to see and hear every day in the morning! Farah, you are a bit more lively and spicy filling our mornings with the breath of freshness and liveliness!

Add more fun and elegance to your dressing room and people will watch you more. Trust me!

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