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She is the world’s top fashion guru, but the Vogue magazine in the U.S. still managed to last year’s biggest fashion blunder make Time Magazine says.

Time gave her first place on a list of 10 fashion mistakes in her 2008 appearance on “With Costume Gala ‘in a strange-looking long silver dress, which makes her look like she ammoniod inlaid with fossils. ”


Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour


The list in the first weekly issue for 2009 is as relentlessly against other A-listers. Janet Jackson was runner-up in a gold jumpsuit that looks like a sci-fi costume. Her fashion crime? “That does not seem quite right,” says Time and “she wears in public.”

Actress Kate Bosworth has been raked over coals for Time’s wearing a metallic gray Chanel gown. “You have to feel a little sympathy,” Time says, “They go to a Chanel event as a date of Chanel designer Karl Largerfield. It’s an honor, and so on. When he puts her in an ensemble muffin tins.

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