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Certainly Yousaf Salli is a man of tact, a man with a heart of gold, Physically handsome and exquisitely dressed, His straight gray hair neatly done and the adoring looks sumptuous Visibly reflecting the originality of His ancient ‘Haveli’ surroundings.

Yousaf’s face lit up When He talked of His new discovery with a divine voice. Indeed Hina Nasrullah’s phenomenal singing talents with an ample touch of divine benediction. At a very young age splendor is evident in the incessant Hina’s songs and her singing is awesome. Every aspect is melodious with an amazing mastery over pitch and scale.


Yousaf Salli

Yousaf Salli


Lucky for us, the nation and Hina herself, she was That Provided by Yousaf a national platform to exhibit her skills. The world of music is going to benefit hugely.

1. What do you think about today’s Pakistani fashion?
It’s entirely on the wrong track. We are only trying to copy and West Indians. There is no originality, no cultural reflection. That we think we are Becoming modern accordion thing but to me it’s not modernity, ITS artificiality.

2. Accor ding to you what is the definition of ‘modernity’?
Modernity Does not Mean Adopt A western lifestyle by wearing western clothes. No Pakistani can-carry western style, not even the top models becauses Originally this was not our culture, this is not in our blood. Modernity accordion thing to me is Respectful Each and everytime Religion and Its People. What kind of modernity is this Where we are filled with racism and glamorize filth from inside our outer selves with international brands? At least I do not call this ‘modernity’.

3. What do you think about Pakistani Fashion Industry?
They are projecting an entirely differential picture of Pakistan. There is nothing cultural, nothing Pakistanis Typically, what kind of Pakistani fashion is this When it’s not just projecting Pakistan. For me the best designer is Bunto Kazmi, Nilofar Shahid, Who has always Kept Themselves connected to the cultural roots.

4. What role media is playing Towards Pakistani culture?
Media, i would say is playing a very important role in Destroying our youth. For example, Government put a ban on Indian channels but what happened after That, Pakistani channels started playing Indian dramas. I mean what kind of generation you are building up with thesis Indian dramas? Totally crap!

5. Do you think Coke Studio is doing a good job in Portray Pakistani culture?
Coke Studio is absolutely brilliant, They are doing a very good job. This is what you call modernism; They Are Reviving Pakistani culture with modern musical waves.

6. Your Hawali HAS become the personifications of Pakistani culture. What do you think is the future of this Hawali?
Hawali This is not only my culture but Also a gift of my forefathers and I just Hope that my children and grandchildren take care of it and look after it the way our Otherwise have done.

7. What According To You is a well-dressed man?
For me a well-dressed man is when he walks enter a room, nobody notices him, there is nothing flashy and glamorous about him. I hate people who wear flashy watches and diamond studs. This is not Manliness.

8. Why did you leave politics?
Because it left me thinking I was entirely differentiation from Other Politicians. Because I think in the Pakistani political system, one is not entirely free and can-not do what he wants. Enforcement I had a feeling that I can do so much for Pakistan by Remaining outside this political system, so I left it.

9. Keeping in view current Pakistani political system, are you hopeful or not?
I am very hopeful. Only this nation needs a leader. And I am very hopeful. Imran Khan is very good but he still HAS some raw edges, Which need to be polished and he can-Prove To Be Extremely good for this country and for this nation.

10. That You Any message for Pakistanis to give to youth?
Be original and be proud of what you are. Make your own identity as a Pakistani, not as a product or hybrid Influences.

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