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1. So kind to us by your professional career and where you stand today?
Upon completion of the MBA from Lahore, I was happy to be in business and advertising / media industry. I was hired by one of the ISPs in Lahore in 2002 and they had plans for their online fashion magazine as nouvelle elle start. I worked hard for this magazine and it was a great success at the end I was very dramatic and very smooth in the fashion industry. Although I think that the introduction of this industry is one of the hardest things, but it was my luck to adequately perform very well. Starting my career in the fashion industry with this magazine, now I am a resident Alhamdolillah Fashion Media Consultant with good contacts across the country and internationally.


Yahya Parveze Rana

Yahya Parveze Rana


2. As a founder of PFDC feel that PFDC is a stage of development which reaches you satisfied? And feel they have missed certain things?
Well, actually, what I think is that PFDC still lacking in many things and have not really reached that mark in which they should have reached the last four years or so since birth. PFDC right now is not running as a fashion in Pakistan and the body Karachites Lahoris and always follow different paths, resulting in different organs for each city.

One must recognize that the real PFDC concel, registered and based in Lahore. In my view point that they have a lot of work strictly on a few things as the registration of the designers with certain pre-requisites like them with a minimum of 6 years experience with a fashion course and particularly in mind is that PFDC spinal cord of fashion in our country, to promote the Pakistani fashion internationally.

3. The company you are in is full of challenges, and it would be interesting to know how you were able to deal with them?
Well, yes. This industry is very challenging and most of the times you feel good to get for. But once you are very determined and have been given a name, you can succeed with the right strategy.

4. You had an opportunity to work with some big names like Nilofer Shahid Mehdi, Mahen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Ritu Kumar and Tariq Amin. Whereas this sounds great kindly tell us your contribution to their progress? Do any of them still want you back?
I have continuously worked with Nilofer Shahid and the rest of the names you have mentioned, I have worked for them on a project basis or as a freelancer. I’m not sure if Nilofer want me back or not, because we have not discussed this issue since I left her.

5. You had exposure to doing shows around the world tell us where and some details of the celebrities?
Alhamdolillah, yes I have worked all over the world so many fashion shows are concerned. Of course Pakistan, India, Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Oman, etc. The best events I’ve done and enjoyed working under Nilofer Shahid, Kahllil Gibran’s Collection launch on Jumeriah Resort Dubai Bab Al Sham in 2006 , a series of fashion shows for a new Pakistani designer Sara Hashmi who has shifted to the U.S. in Athens, Rome and Paris, another show for one Omani designer Hala Ramzi in Doha and then finally the Pakistan International Footwear Show 2009 in Lahore.

6. Your association with Style360 was a useful experience and why you leave them and you’ll regret not having continued with them?
Yes, I regret leaving them because they really tremendous. The reason for leaving was personal. Yes of course it was a very useful experience. I came in because of the fashion and television production has a number of programs in a number of occasions that a number of events and shows, as well.

7. A special feature appears in your profile that you Nawai Mamlekat itself as world-Peoples’ Group Production Manager in 1996, which makes you 15 years old at that time, making it a bit and you deserve a great compliment?
Lolz … Well whatever it is, this is very true. My father is actually one of the most senior reporter managers of Pakistan and still runs his own 2 months blades, which are basically positions papers and no newspaper, distributed among the elite, including politicians, bureaucrats etc. Yes I belong work for these publications at that time, and was officially the position of Group Production Manager, by the Directorate-General of the Public Relations of the Pakistani government, as I have considerable know-how of the print media and all, although I very young.

8. In your plus one decade career, you work for about eight employers, which raises a few questions. Why do you so often?
The main reasons were personal but in some ways yes, salaries were not paid in time, compelling to think of other options.

9. Any special achievements in your career? And what are your plans for the next 5 years?
Of course, I feel and actually have achieved a mark in this young age so far been successful and over the next 5 years I plan to promote the Pakistani fashion all over the world, all based on my personal efforts. And I already started.

10. Based on interaction with the outside world, what is done to promote the image of Pakistan?
Fair to say, I do not want to someone or an organization, but not enough name, only the designers personal efforts to take us forward.

11. Your family life is affected by industry demands on your time?
Not really, I’m comfortable and get all the support.

12. Along the way, have you been successful in developing a team?
Yes, Alhamdolillah, I have my people around the world who work for me at any time if needed. Of course I pay them for certain jobs they do for me from time to time.

13. Where do the ideas flow out, to think for themselves or watching the competitors and keeping their creations?
Initially you have exposure and a strong know-how everything you do again. Inspiration is one of the most important things to bring creativity and innovation. Some people copy things and change something and call it a creation, but it is completely cheating. Creation is something that you out of your head, or what you ‘yourself’ and getting inspiration from something and implementing it in a different way to call. And yes, reading your competitor’s mind is very important to be successful.

14. Leave a message for the newcomers in this area?
For the new entrance, whether they belong to the media or are designers, I just want one thing that really matters to suggest, just come with extra ordinary and innovative ideas to use your mind a bit, do something else and see how Your efforts will bring far. And just never copy.

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