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Tabassum Mughal is one of the most outstanding fashion designers of Pakistan, Who has got all the guts to play with colors and designs to create exquisite and wonderfully versatile outfits that never fail to capture the attention of fashion conscious young women.


Tabassum Mughal Fashion Designer

Tabassum Mughal Fashion Designer


1. Please share with us your career profile.
I did Masters in Business Administration (MBA) but I was more inclined Towards the world of art That led me to become a fashion designer. I am mostly self-trained. I Began by design evening gowns prom dresses for my wedding for close friends and family members. I Opened my first studio in 2008.

2. The business cycle is not easy to ENDURE, Especially for newcomers. Can you name a Guru who guided you?
My mom is the woman behind my success and she is the one who guided me throughout my journey. Without her i would not have put where I am.

3. How do you choose the fabrics and related accessories?
Romanticism and feminism are the dominant aspect of my designs. There’s always a hint of feminine allure, sensuality and elegance in my dresses. I use feminine accessories Qualities That Enhance Such As lace, pearls, crystal and silk threads. Completely My wedding dresses are embroidered with crystals and opaque meters or precious fabrics making it a royal silhouette. I always choose fabrics & accessories keeping in mind the trends and tastes of the customers.

4. When you see your dresses looking good on an individual, how do you feel?
I make sure my silhouette always have a WOW effect or Rather I do not make anything. I want my client to look Feel like a royal queen! It just makes me feel out of the world!

5. In case of a Dissatisfied Customer, do you accept criticism, ever lose your temper?
I accept I accept! And give up but I really do not remember Any unsatisfied customer!

6. Please share with us the highs and lows of your commercial career. What thrills you?
Well since I came in I had a hard time becauses When you are new you are in learning phase and I am still learning, but the initial Phases are Difficult for you but once you get the hang of it Life Becomes Easier and you-can not live without it any more. Creating new and exciting designs for new season thrills me

7. Pakistan-made textiles, do you accept the quality of the cloth?
Pakistan HAS always had an A-class manufacturing and exporting to many Countries have legs for many many years now the U.S. Treasury cotton. I have seen many Qualities of cotton around the world but Pakistani cotton is one of the best ones in the world. In Other materials like silk chiffons and China is doing better than us so we are Usually Importing Chinese silks and chiffons That are the best till now.

1. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?
No! I would say competition is healthy and that helps in Bringing best out of best quality in design & Best Prices & They keep us on our toes working hard!

2. Do you like people as team members?
Yes! I always make sure to listen to my employees’ point of view Which Can Be of great benefit to my company.

3. Ever recitals changing your line of business?
Completely no but i would not becauses to add product line extensions later on like ready, man ‘line, kids and accessories.

4. Are you training people eager to learn?
Mostly yes! But it’s very hard at times Because The Blue collar labor They are not willing to learn: Just Because to do the job and go home They are very hard to mold and train. On the otherhand my administrative staff is keen in learning. We are training to use differential themself software Which Would help us be more efficient and cost effective in our manufacturing.

1. How do you see your work, five years from now?
5 years from now I see myself Internationally Recognized.

2. The current state of economy, it is Both ring your plans?
Yes for sure! But I Would Rather say the political conditions of our economy are more bother some.

3. Pakistan’s image abroad, top designers like you-can certainly help to Improve it.
Yes! And people love Internationally Pakistani designers work on the Indian designers now and abroad “When people see our international shows people are just amazed and Pakistan HAS Say That So Much More Than terrorism, killings, etc. People are paying a premium for good Because our clothes or the best quality and designs.

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