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Sundas Hurain is co-founder of the luxury Sunuba Spa and Rejuvenation Center. After extensive research in the faculty of the holistic health and beauty products, Sundas with her mother and sister Imrana Shahid Ubab brought to the women of Lahore the ultimate in luxury, beauty and health benefits.

Sundas will to experiment and bring specialties from around the world to Pakistan and also intends to introduce the best and oldest medical science Ayurveda in Lahore. Here she speaks exclusively to Fashion Trends.


Sundas Hurain

Sundas Hurain

1. Interiors and aesthetics are often an integral part of spas worldwide. Walk with us through the Sunuba Spa and Rejuvenation Center Interior.
If our spa is a fusion of different types of spas from around the world, we bring in our interior design elements inspired by all the major spa centers worldwide.

When you enter the spa, your first view is that the friendly welcome and a comfortable waiting room with abstract sculptures framing the charcoal gray walls. As you are escorted to the top spa services and you will be greeted by a dimly lit bamboo ceiling, a relaxation area and a small kitchenette with a tropical-inspired vision. The relaxation room offers a European feel, with small table and the tree dark skin woven chairs. This is the hydrotherapy floor. Here you will change into a dress, get a locker, and prepared for the services to come. The floor is covered with stones. This whole floor is inspired by Abano, the village in Germany where the first hot and cold water treatment.

Above the floor where dry therapies are given. The dimly lit massage rooms have a very orient inspired sloping roof. Detox The room has a green area effect with a whole wall with glass enclosed plants.

The whole establishment an earthen color scheme has been followed, so gray, rust, brown soil, wood largely used.

2. Spas have been around for a long time around the world, but are still considered a relatively new concept in Pakistan. What are the reasons behind you, your mother and sister opening a spa in Lahore?
My mother was in the beauty business for twenty years. She is going abroad each summer to learn and keep themselves abreast of the cutting edge developments in the industry. So we were already aware of the benefits a spa can offer. Spa is a lifestyle choice for better health. We really wanted to make this wonderful facility available in our own country. So five years ago we started working on this. From concept to different therapies. The cutting edge in the Spa world. When we investigated further, we have gradually become aware of the importance of the various spa treatments in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Historically, medical treatment centers and spas are good, precisely because of these health benefits.

3. In terms of your salon services, what is it you feel Sunuba from other clinics and beauty salons?
If the concept of our system is based on health and relaxation, the whole process within the salon, is focused on the ends. You will never in our room to find it bustling with people waiting hours for their turn. We aim to gradually make an appointment only service which none of our guests waiting or stress over time or quality.

The quality is of course the core of all our services. We use only the best products, OPI, to L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Dermalogica and to Rosactive. You can be assured that nothing less than the best in the industry is offered in a stress-free, no hassle, rejuvenating way.
For us, our customers are our guests and we strive to make their stay as wonderful as possible.

4. Tell us about your signature Sunuba therapies and why the ladies reading this should try!
We have put together signature treatments from around the world, so it’s a bit hard to narrow it down. One of our pampering treatments is to wrap silhouette. It works to break the thick outer layers of the adipose tissue, and compression packing is used to flush fat from the fat storage depot holders in your lymphatic system. A combination of detox drinks and water used to flush the toxins and fatty acids released composites. The result is immediate. We guarantee an overall inch loss of 4 to 20 inches from just one treatment. We measure you before and after.

We also Parafango heating system. This is the deepest localized heat system available. It does wonders for aches and pains, their usefulness in arthritis and other joint pains and is delicious in causing deep detoxification in the body.

Manis and Pedis we have become a favorite of our guests who have tried them out. Mani Pedi used the very basic products of the OPI Fruity line. While the use Gehwol Spa Mani Pedis (a world leader in specialty foot products) and Thelaspa. Gehwol is used to effectively treat any corns, cracks or other problems of the feet. If you are tired or sore feet swollen feet, you suffer from circulatory problems. Our Kneipp Kur alternate hot and cold dip is designed to strengthen muscles, promote healthy circulation and rejuvenate the muscles in need. This therapy has been medically shown to benefit arthritis, consistent rates and other muscle pains, cramps and sports.

5. Given today hectic lifestyle, where people always stressed – which specific services and treatments are perfect to imagine themselves to rejuvenate?
Stress, we recommend a physical therapy that begins with a hydrotherapy aroma enjoy. The sensual and relaxing scents and water penetration begins the relaxation process. After enjoying an invigorating body exfoliation is followed, then an herbal mask is applied, which relaxes muscles and takes you to a deeper level of relaxation. This therapy is concluded by the Swedish massage, therapeutic movements whose long and give the final blow for the stress stored in your body.

6. With the upcoming bridal season, other than make up what therapies you need to think a bride bridal glow?
A relaxed and rejuvenated mind and a healthy circulatory system coupled with the elimination of toxins from the body are the main ingredients for a healthy, radiant complexion. Body wrap Primping and other treatments work well on the surface of the skin making it soft, smooth and beautiful to touch. For a bride-to-be is essential to use the therapies are perfected for Javenese royalties. In the old Java, a bride of the royal family got full body treatments for weeks in prep for her wedding day. We offer nothing less to the bride-to-be here.

7. Are you changing packages and specific therapies for the holidays in general?
All treatments are custom designed to suite the exact lifestyle and physical needs of our guests. We assess this in our extensive consultation session. We have, however, for the convenience of our guests have designed special packages for the bride and her family and friends. All packages include a customized treatment according to their unique needs.

8. Sunuba is a medical spa – generally speaking, what kind of diseases do you address and how?
We are hybrid beauty and health spa. As mentioned earlier, some of our treatments are medically proven to be useful in cases of arthritis, sports injuries, circulatory problems, etc. We also provide color therapy for seasonal depression and deep heat therapies for back and neck pain among many others.

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