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Saim Ali only talk to, here are the


Saim Ali

Saim Ali


1. Kindly tell us something about yourself?
I am cheerful, lively, very social, worship my mother, hard working, love to travel, a huge Bollywood buff, I love sleep tight, I love eating desi food, Thai, junk food and Indian food, I am addicted to my cellphone, laptop and Perfumes.

2. The company you are in is full of challenges and feel you have been able to deal with them?
Yes I have, I like challenges, I fully agree with the fact that many lobbying and cronyism, but if you trust in yourself and in God then you have a smooth path to lead.

3. Designers normally win hearts and minds do you agree with this?
Yes, I think there is because you trust your customers and we make them have the best ever, and I also think that the niche of our fashion market where we need to do these skills and have found the best in the market.

4. What are the main ingredients of your brand?
Well this is a question that I need a full stop, but if I really need to get a response on your next then I’ll probably say you should never compromise on quality over quantity.

5. In pursuit of your goals you will have some difficulties both from the angle of technology and resources?
I would say I was really lucky that way when my mother was a fashion designer Farrah Gillani and had her set up and customers all was ready for me to jump in the company, but they could not go on a commercial side The company where I played my cards so that way, where
I had a set-up and work on my clients I am blessed I had no problems, but yes to preserve my image building I had a lot of problems to face and I have all faced with great courage and dignity, so I never had my feet down for everyone.

6. Any difficulties you consider insurmountable?
Not at all, it’s not that we are fighting a war. We have wonderful people in the industry and they are all political fun to everyone and I think that life is a bit hard to do no matter what happens to survive, but I do enjoy challenges and I love what ever comes my way and I
face them with full of positive energy.

7. Now that so many people look up to you to wish fulfillment, you think you are always able to succeed?
Well I try my best, but no body is perfect I mean we do have complained too, but me and my crew try our best that we meet the requirements and that is what our job is all about making people happy and they look nice and modern in a sophisticated manner.

8. Each dress made by you that stands out in terms of excellence?
Hmmm. not exactly, but yes a few of my designs have led to a brand and I have many things on them. But I wish I make something bigger than life, but I guess I’m just waiting for the right moment a number of great opportunity, so I can be something very exclusive to one of my favorite models.

9. The parents is a source of inspiration in achieving success?
Not both of them, but yes, my mother is my biggest inspiration and I would like to mention is that what little I’ve ever been just because of her, she has supported me from day one and even now, she and me (Inshallah) it will forever with me. My father is a bit conservative and
strict when it comes to fashion world, but he has an idea that his son is doing well. I think he’s sneaking into my pictures and feel happy.

10. Your family life is affected by industry demands on your time?
Yes, it’s you know when it comes to your timing and if you get a busy famous fashionista and you have to join to socialize with your hard work then you really do not get hold of the time I mean, we are like 24 / 7 working. We have much to do and then all these extra social mix so I am
think it really hurts your family and your routine little time to your parents, brothers and sisters, but God, thank my family understand the meaning of

11. Along the way, have you been successful in developing a team?
Yes, I have and in this case I would like to Salina Wardah Thanks as I’d like this again point out that we share the same premises and we actually work together for two different brands, and sharing the same platform with them is just amazing we have a level of comfort.

12. Where do the ideas flow out, to think for themselves or watching the competitors and keeping their creations?
No, I am inspired by different designers such as Roberto Cavalii, Rizwan Beyg, Philosophy, Ed Hardy, JJ Walaya & Ritu Berri and I would not hesitate to except that I track there somewhere if they really great designs but I’m working on my brains and I take the ideas of historical motifs and animals.

13. One of your work has helped improve the image of Pakistan?
As I have said before that I want something slightly larger than life extravaganza, but not yet, so people have complimented me on my last Intoxicated collection and I have tremendous response design.

14. Is it possible for designers to reach Pakistan on the street?
Yes some of them are very affordable and they do cater to the modern middle class, and I’m glad to see people wearing modern clothing and wehave developed fashion sense in them dankzij outlets such as Generation &

15. Five years from now, where do you expect?
A happy Pakistan.

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