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1. Nauman Ijaz, looking back at your early years as an actor, what difficulties did you face?
Well, frankly, not too much, in fact, that were hardly insurmountable. People older than seeing my acting career, were people of substance, and I had great admiration for them and picked up the subtleties, as I passed.


Nauman Ijaz

Nauman Ijaz


2. Think you’re a born actor?
The ingredients were certainly the major one is the immense “Lagoa” for this area, although I had gone through the normal academic route without much ado, schooling at Cathedral, a few years at FC College and then law at the University of Punjab, but after Nauman Ijaz was an actor, and without any formal education to back me up I learned the art of lucid and compelling dialogue delivery.

3. In the beginning, when you went through the romantic scenes with heroines, it was a nervous time or you have it in your normal stride length?
Well I was certainly in a romantic and passionate love of all heroines, I worked with.
And some of them were so pretty, let me fall. But do not get me wrong here, the moral aspect, which is so essential in any decent relationship was always there, and while I gave them immense respect they responded in the same way the actor to Nauman Ijaz.

4. Now that you’re a celebrity and a familiar face in public, how can you adjust to the spotlight and should appear?
Somehow I always had my finger on the pulse of life around me, and meet new people and expanding the relationship has always impressed and excited me. And now as a celebrity I stay active and feel alive.

5. Any embarrassing moments faced because of your celebrity status?
Life is full of such incidents with the near ones, the loved ones and even the distant, but I took them in my stead, because there was no harm intended.

6. Your guru in this industry, who are they and are still inspired by them?
Well guru is too big a word and there are few. Icons, there is a certain and Shahrukh Khan. But those who have inspired me are people charged with skill and craft and thoroughly understand how to be successful. Seniors like Masood Anwar and Jamal Firdoos and numerous directors and finesse as artists is deeply ingrained in my mind.

7. How do you schedule your daily routine?
I have a lot in my backpack, and so have injected significant of the self-imposed discipline.

8. The busy day rotation, they are a problem?
No not at all, and I wish I was 365 days per year.

9. Your favorite actor, actress and director?
No, I have no favorite artist, but one that touches my soul, my favorite.

10. Will you share with us your family life?
First I am not at home Nauman Ijaz. And the one I consider the gift of God Rabia, who is responsible for many of the good things in my life. She is better than many guards to protect me, put together and not just in my moments of triumph, but also failures and helped to enter into stable relationships.

And Rabia and I are truly grateful to God for endowing us with Zariyan, now a group of 8 students, grade 5 Shameen a junior at Aitchison College and the small Rayan, a student at Kids Campus kg.
I really enjoy my moments with them.

11. Your plans for the next three years?

I look forward to many active and vital roles.

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