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Pakistan’s Fashion Industry HAS so many shinning stars in it, One Of Those Super Star Nadia Hussain. Nadia is no doubt a woman of excellence, as she is a complete lady.

1. Regarded as a shining star of the fashion industry, we hope you are enjoying the lime light?
YES! Being in the media industry makes one really enjoy being in the limelight and When It Comes to something That is Truly Your Own brand / product, then it adds value to reason.


Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain


2. Super Adjectives, like women of excellence, “complete” are generously Applied lady to you, how does it make you feel and can you share with us your performances Which Such compliments make people shower?
I always feel happy and honored When Such compliments are Given to me. It’s something anyone That Would love to hear about Themselves, but I honestly try to do my best as best as I can. I do not spread myself too thin so that I can give time to everything around me firstly Including my kids, husband and work too so Maintaining a balance is the key.

3. Equally Are you in love with your dentistry, profession? It is paying more then modeling and acting?
I have not practiced dentistry for more Than my 7 years now! But medical profession is something That Can Be very long lasting compared to being in the media industry in a way so it’s paying more Than modeling or acting. It’s something to fall back on when ever bad times come.

4. Which PR company for you Used your shoe exhibition and why?
I Used Bilal Mukhtar PR & Events as my PR agency and the reason for it is That I Truly Feel That Should Be Given opportunities to young blood. Who knows They Might turn out to be better then bigwigs! And Bilal is Also a very good friend of mine and When He offered me more Than I was willing to give him a chance.

5. How do you Maintain Your superb shape?
I checked it with my diet and exercise. By control I mean I eat half a chapaati at mealtimes with my normal saalan. Besides, I never skip a meal and I exercise regularly. But it Also depends on your reaction speed That metabolism Varies from person to person and I have a good metabolism.

6. How big is your fan following?
I have no idea about that honestly. I do not write theses things go

7. Along the way, who’s leg your mentors and gurus?
It could be anybody, from my parents to teacher to seniors, Who has Valuable Taught me some lessons, but there are none that I can Particularly as such.

8. Any fan with a maddening urge to win you over.
There’s some young girls leg but it’s been all good

9. In your work, the system is supportive?
I think the system is not very supportive Because here, there are not well-known modeling agencies Where They Will make your portfolio if you fit the bill and guarantee work like it is done abroad. In Pakistan girls boys have to find Their Own Way Around with Their personal struggle and hard work.

10. Can you control anger and jealousy and dislike for your Competitors?
Usually I do not get angry and as far as jealousy is Concerned, I really do not take new people coming Into the industry as a threat to me so I think so far I’m good.

11. Modeling and fashion shoots, are they exhausting?
It depends on what kind of shoot it is. Sometimes yes, it is very exhausting but Shows Are Not Usually, Rather they’re more fun.

12. Any message for your ‘mom’?
“You have been the wind beneath my wings!”

13. Any message for rest or your family?
For my Husband (Atif) “Thank you for being there with me through thick and thin. That I guess is the reason why wedding vows are done!”

14. Any innovative Thing That you are proud of?

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