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Fashion Trends brings you the golden opportunity to learn about the internationally renowned stylist Jamal Hamadi. Is an important styling expert, Jamal Hamadi is participating in the global fashion market and is gaining enormous international fame. Jamal Hamadi began work in 1990′s styling. Jamal Hamadi is an expert in creating distinctive styles that always look great.


Jamal HAMADI Fashion Hair Designer

Jamal HAMADI Fashion Hair Designer


Stylist Jamal Hamadi has designed a line of hair care and beauty products according to him are “tested on actresses, never on animals”. Jamal Hamadi, research over the years, the dry and damaged hair and the reasons for its weakening. Then he developed hair care products and some of the techniques that help to nourish the hair. Jamal Hamadi always try to wealth, bounce, volume, and to generate the hair for a natural look shine. Here comes the special interview conducted by Fashion Trends with this real celebrity styling, Jamal Hamadi.

1. Tell us something about yourself in your own words?
I think I “misfit” … … .. (A huge laughs). Ok when I talk about myself …. I think I’m very humble, very great happiness, I feel like you know that’s amazing for me to international recognition in this way. I am honored and very happy and in terms of how I think my style is probably instructive to look some of the edge. I mean this is how I think I describe myself.

2. How long have you been working in this area of ​​styling?
I have never myself much, but I started in the early 90′s and when I started I was working in a saloon. When I met Sharon Stone, Linda Evangelista and Lisa Marie Presley and I think these three women really the perception of my talent to change since I was very lucky, I mean, I grew a lot during these periods. Louis Licar introduced me to Linda Evangelista in the early 90′s, Linda, I flew to London for the cover of British Vogue to do. Sharon Stone also took me to Paris for the cover of Vanity Fair to do, and Lisa Marie Presley at the same time casually asked me if I do her hair for an interview with Michael Jackson. It was kind of incredible for such a fair job at that time, I was looking for a number of magazines. So that was the beginning for me in terms of its styling, when I started doing color, styling in different ways, began to research and write notes on my personal journey that has me here. It made me more creative and gave me tremendous confidence. Creativity is innate.

3. Do you have any special education related to your field or you do when your area of ​​interest?
Yes absolutely, if I met Linda you know I started working with her and I loved fashion and she asked me in the fashion shows in Paris and then we worked together in various fashion shows. So that experience was great for me. It has been developed over time and that education is irreplaceable. It is always in me that I learn and practice every day, every week and I have been inspired by my work.

4. What is your specialty in the world of styling?
I cut and I think my specialty is creating shine and create beautiful hair healthy with simple ingredients inside and out, this is what I do. I try to make it as much as they can be and make it look like “her”, I do not like so many products to use for her. I feel the texture of the hair, even though the product in the hair.

5. Tell us something about the styling of your philosophy?
I think it’s like beauty with the context. It is not, I’ll make something or create something, I want the thing that really make a difference. It is not something to just make money, it’s about creating something that really works. That’s what’s going on.

6. If you have a celebrity style, you prefer some preparations done?
No, not always, it is spontaneous most of the time, we look together, the collaboration. We look at the dress, the shoes, the make-over and then we get an idea, feeling, mood etc and then we go for styling hair.

7. Which style you prefer most and why?
I think the style that creates an image, you know the style, everything changes, your whole personality. I also speak of the spot and we have credentials, as the images on the computer and try to judge and if you think about this and that, etc. There is some pre-planning, but also sometimes not ask.

8. Tell us something about your hair range? Do you have to increase the lake, etc., as your future plans?
I use natural ingredients and organic ingredients in my range. I use many of the essential oils, lemongrass. Seaweed and products like them. I have planned to grow, but I do not want to enter a large range of products, as I believe less is enough.

9. How did you started and what inspired you to launch a line?
I think it’s personal production, versatile time I had with my own hair and nothing worked. So I was always looking for an alternative, and actually inspired me. Find products that actually work out. It was always my problem with her and when I started working with fashion celebrities in the fashion show, I was very particular that I had to look gorgeous. Also, I always experience that every women complain about the rough and dry hair, the same philosophy with my hair. Then I realized that it is a big market and a world in itself. I thought it was a great opportunity and now his work.

10. What distinguishes you from others?
If I keep some style to create and people start recognizing me for that and if people know me for my natural style, it is a part of me. I make a certain way, like other artists, but sometimes it just happens, I create my own style.

11. During styling, what you most prefer, international fashion trends?
Well we’re really celebrating many styles and now it is not just a style. It was in the 70s and the 80s, when everyone was on the same specific style, but now we have different kinds of women today, and that is the beauty of the trends happening. Any type of texture we celebrate today, as some want curly hair, some like straight etc and it’s a new kind of confidence that the trends are at the moment. So that’s us different.

12. What is the most defining moment in your career so far?
When I worked with Sharon Stone, Linda Evangelista and Lisa Marie and fashion personalities like them, and got the international fame that is the most decisive point in my carrier.

13. If you want to each message to give to beginners?
Yes, I like a few tips that focus on the texture to, make sure your hair cut, there are remarkable treatments work, use of brushes that are natural and Brussels root instead of plastic. Be gentle as much as you can with your skin to your hair.

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