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‘I don’t think Aamir Khan should help me’


The promos of Delhi Belly have everyone’s attention, especially with the song becoming a craze Bhag DK Bose. It’s a special movie for Imran Khan, for it is his first release after marriage. In a tete-a-tete, he talks about Delhi Belly, Aamir Khan Mamu, his career and much more.


Imran Khan New Pic

Imran Khan New Pic


There was a report saying that Delhi Belly is about the confusion of the feces of two people. Is it true?
Not really. S ** t happens, but it’s not about two people excrement gets exchanged. Delhi Belly is about three guys who happened to get caught up in a very great crime caper. They do not know why they are stuck, who followed them and what is going on. They try to get the whole thing alive.

Was it a conscious effort to tell the story of the film to hide?
Yes, because in the movie do not know who these men are after them and what is going on. So, we thought it a good idea if the crowd is going to go with them and figure out things with the boys.

Do you feel as a result of Bose DK is a fad, there is extra pressure for the film do well?
Actually I think if a song does well, it takes a lot of pressure off of us. If a song does well, it gives us an extra boost of publicity. It means that more people are excited about the film and more people are interested in the film. So eventually the pressure becomes less.

“I think if a song does well, it takes a lot of pressure off of us’
What role you play in the movie?
I play the character of a journalist who Taashi. He is a man who is not really in control of his life. He is drifting from one to the next. He goes where the tide takes him. He is forced to stand up and take control of his life.

Do you have a female lead opposite of your character?
Yes, Poorna Jagannathan and Shenaz Treasuryvala cast opposite me in the movie. So there is a triangle angle in the film too. But in the first place, it is about these three guys and their problems.

The film has been done a long time. Is it true that the film went through many changes on the editing table?
It was not finished. We shot about two and half years ago. Once we were finished shooting the film, our director Abhinay Deo had to play again next movie if he had committed to that. So he was not able to cut the film. At the same time, Aamir was shooting for three idiots bust. So he was not available. The director and producer working on other films, Delhi Belly sat and we had to wait for them to finish their obligations.

Were you impatient with the film release?
No, that’s part of the company. Films take years to make.

Aamir Khan was apprehensive about the production of this film, because it is very different from the kind of films he has produced?
Frankly, I do not know. But he’s never seen a man who is afraid of something. I came up with the project after he had picked it up as a producer. For what it’s worth, he’s a guy who is not afraid to try new things.

Have you approached Aamir with your scripts before signing a film?
No, till date he has never read a script (for me). Also has he ever met a producer or a director. In fact, he has not seen many of my films.

Do not you think he can help?
I do not think Aamir should help me. I prefer to find things out for myself. You learn things in life.

Your last few films did not. So you’re desperate to be a hit?
My last film, Ke Baad BREAK did moderate business. Prior to that I HATE LUV Storys was a hit. Happiness is not good. So it’s all kind of alternative (hit and flop) for me.

Do you regret doing any of your previous films?
I do not regret doing any of my films. You need to move on in life. There is no actor in the industry that do not flop.

So you hope that the Delhi Belly to big-time work?
I hope all my films are doing well. As of now, I have two successes and two failures. So I’m in a decent position.

How was the experience working with Kunal Kapoor, and Vir Das Roy?
They are both very good actors. Additionally, today they are very good friends of mine. The process of working with them was the best professional experience I’ve had so far.

Delhi Belly Imran Khan

Delhi Belly Imran Khan

There is a section of the press to tell your PIL is well timed in accordance with the release of the film. What do you say?
I’ve always been very special to me that if Delhi Belly platform with my co-star, I do not talk about it. And when I talk about the PIL, I do not even know the name of my film. I

“The director and producer working on other films, Sat Delhi Belly ‘
very particular about the separation of the two cases. Anyone who has been involved in a legal process in India would know that it takes years. Delhi Belly will be released on July 1. The PIL will go for the next few years. It will take time, money and effort on my behalf. There are many easy ways I can get publicity.

At what age did you first start drinking?
I had my first drink when I was 18 with my mom and dad.

On a personal note, it is how life changed after marriage?
It’s not. I’ve been with Avantika nine years. So the marriage will not change.

Are you a more responsible person now?
What matters is your intention in your relationship and your commitment to someone. There are people who are married and cheating on their wives. There are people who are not married and are faithful to their partners. What counts is your intention.

Will you not be affected by rumors about your life?
You can not pay attention to that. People say bad things about today, tomorrow they will say good things. Then again, they will say bad things. You need to ignore rumors, otherwise you go crazy.

What are your future projects?
Besides TERM Shaadi and AI MERE DULHAN BROTHER, I have not signed other films.




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