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Sonia Ahmed is bold and confident young lady and was trying to “Miss Pakistan World” when she was just a college girl.


Sonia Ahmed

Sonia Ahmed


1. Miss Pakistan World has been around 7 years and you are the brains behind the child. How did you have an idea when it never even crossed the minds of the entertainment industry of Pakistan?
I started Miss Pakistan at a very young age of 21 years in the university. I was a member of the Association of Pakistani student and while talking to a few friends, I got the idea to do something for the positive image of my country. Miss Pakistan World seemed a very good platform where I could use to prove that Pakistani women are not and what the modern world can be seen. I wanted to start creating role models in the Pakistani Canadian community which could change our image to the world. Today I successfully created Miss Pakistan in the United Kingdom, USA, China and Canada.

2. It was Miss Canada Pakistan and in just three years before you change it to Miss Pakistan World, which brought this change?
When I Miss Canada Pakistan started, it was only for participants from Canada. Suddenly I was getting calls from the U.S. and the UK. At that time I could not say no to the girls, and then I realized that it would be better if the parade became global. So we announced that applications would be taken from any country where the Canadian visa requirements are met. Since 2006 the Miss World Pakistan became global.

3. After that you started the Mrs. Pakistan World pageant. How did you gear up for?
The Mrs. Pakistan World was a difficult choice as married Pakistani women are not too flexible. I do not advertise much, but we have this one online voting, and then in 2007 we have the first crowned Mrs. Pakistan World. This will be our third year in 2009.

4. Thus began an industry, but Pakistan has worsened the situation since 2008. What future do you see for Miss World Pakistan?
I see a bright future, in Pakistan at this time. For the next ten years, the Pakistanis living abroad will be processed at this industry and keep it safe. We hope that the current situation in Pakistan and changes things easier for the arts and entertainment sector.

5. Controversies surrounding this event, why is it always so?
Well, Miss Pakistan World is a unique name and people are fascinated by the fact that an election is for Pakistan. Media wants to know how an election for Pakistan in the midst of all the trouble the country faces current. So in a sense, we really can not help it. We are always in the spot light and we are the only hope for a modern Pakistan. There is no other element that most modern side of Pakistan in the world shows.

6. Miss Pakistan World and Mrs. Pakistan World pride in the international beauty pageants completed during the past 6 years! How did you find all 20 international pageants in less than 6 years?
Now we not only completed 20 international beauty queens, we also won sub titles too. Then I realized that I compete with countries in this business for 50 years, I wanted to rush as much as possible. So we ended up in a minimum of 4-5 parades per year. We have our international presence and also won titles.

7. What do you do in a party?
I’m looking for a pleasant nature and the girl who brings her own twist to the Miss World Pakistan. I am also very proud of those girls who participated in the Miss World Pakistan over the years. They were brave, and they all did well.

8. So next, working for the parade, what else do you do in your personal life?
Well, I travel a lot and that is business related. I’m always thinking in my mind, to see the company do more all the time. But my hobbies are traveling, watching news, watching Hollywood movies, I love going to the gym, and these days I have become a gym freak, and I love taking care of myself. I eat healthy, take my vitamins, exercise and stay fit. I always spend time with my family, and usually we do many things together. I go to many festivals and events during the weekend and spend time networking and meeting tons of people. I enjoy my social life quite a lot!

9. No big plans for Miss World Pakistan or something else?
Well, at the moment, Canada is the linchpin of Miss World Pakistan and I think this country the best country to a surrogate host to Pakistan for his election. I am proud of the industry in creating Pakistan never thought it would see. And I’m proud of all the hard work I put. I would not have swapped for something else. Today we have a Miss Pakistan and today we hope that such events can happen in Pakistan.

10. An advice for the Pakistani community around the world!
My advice to the Pakistani community is more open to new ideas and projects that could bring Pakistan in the eyes of the world to take. That’s it!

If you are stuck on an island, who would you want to be stuck with “Well that would certainly rock Dwayne Johnson

The food you love the most – Pakistan!
Your favorite actress – Angelina Jolie
Your favorite actor – Tom Hanks
Your favorite colors – purple and green
Your favorite fruit – Mango
With your lover – President Musharraf
Your city in Pakistan – Karachi completely!
Your best travel spot – Bahamas
Your best feature – my smile!

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