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1. When did you start smoking?
Saif Ali Khan: When I was 16 in London. I started smoking because I thought it was really cool to smoke. I would look into mirror and blow smoke rings in the air.
It eventually became a habit. I would smoke all the time. It was my performance of the brains when I was shooting long hours. Then I read Ayn Rand. She said it was apt for a man to smoke because it means that his brains is also inflamed.
I do not know many lives that kind of philosophy is messed up.One be careful about such ‘cool’ habits being propagated in literature.


Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan


2. When did you stop smoking and why?
Shortly after my heart scare when I was in the hospital for a heart condition. When the doctors said that smoke that I set to quit altogether.

3. How do you avoid the temptation?
It is very addictive, for sure. And who gives up after 15 years as I did a hard task to stay clean. But then you have your work and other diversions to keep your mind off the cancer stick.It’s a terrible habit and I am pleased with the ban on public smoking.

4. But is not a curb in personal freedom?
Why not let people smoke marijuana and cocaine? Therefore, moral decision about which toxic drugs and not nicotine that is as powerful and deadly? Nicotine kills more people than any other drug.

5. So you are happy about the ban?
I think it’s very unfair for non-smokers are caused by smoking. Now that I’m on the other side I hate people smoking around me. But I’m big on freedom. I think smoking should be totally banned in enclosed spaces.

6. How about banning smoking in movies?
I do not agree with that at all. It gives character to the parts. You can not censor a character in the film for smoking. When I portray a drug addict I would have to show me taking it. It does not mean I will glorify. Sometimes a bad practice in movies you have to make it pay. Smoking should be given certificate in Adult films.

7. Final thoughts?
Smoking should not be considered a trivial vice. It is a Class A drug. It kills you. It almost killed me. No one can smoke, I feel bad for smokers who quit smoking. I know how hard it is to quit. I miss it sometimes, even though it almost killed me.

8. Do you want a total ban on smoking?
I repeat, I’m big on personal freedom. I do not smoke and I do not want anyone I love to smoke. I do not want my children to smoke. When I was 25 I smoked my mother. I wonder how I got away. To prevent damage to your system for a parent is a rude thing to do. When I smoked my son will not stand for it.

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