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1. Preity, with your next film Heroes coming. Are you nervous or excited?
Frankly, I’m very excited. I was nervous when I was shooting for the film. It was a very difficult role for me because it was not in my comfort zone as an actor. This role was something that I have not tried before.


Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta


For example, if someone offers me a role of an NRI, I can play that role with ease because it’s in my comfort zone. But my role in Heroes has a very rural flavor to it.
It is a role of a simple girl from a village, who speaks Punjabi and is a woman of the soil. She works on a tractor and makes rotis in a village. In that sense it is a very different kind of role.

2. What is the name of your character in the film and can be obliged by giving us a sneak peak into the lives of ‘Heroes’?
The name of my character is Kuljeet Kaur, who is an Indian by every inch. And as far as the “sneak peak” in the movie, all I can say is that the film is about two boys played by Vatsal Seth and Sohail Khan.
They belong to the proverbial ‘Generation Next’ and also someone who have everything anyone could ever want. They have money, they have all the vices, and they have the time, and yes the luxury to waste time, which is pretty much the current breed of the upper level generation.
Heroes is about their journey of meeting people from different backgrounds of life. It is their interaction with people from various backgrounds of life. Moreover, how they inspired by them. It is then that these ordinary people are ‘heroes’.
The bottom line of the story is that one does not need to do anything special to be a hero. You can just ordinary things and become a hero. But what matters the most is the “way” them.
When Mariah Carey says in her famous song … “That a hero lies in you ‘. This film is also something that acts as a bridge that connects the modern India with the real India.

3. How much of your character in Heroes do you identify with?
Absolutely … despite the fact that I am extremely urban! But as Shahrukh says, ‘Phir bhi dil hai Hinduatani’! I come from a military family (my father and brother both serving the nation), I’m very patriotic to my country.
I ask each family at least one of sending their children to the army. This could not be states and communities … it will be about India! People in the army give their lives for people they do not even know. The only time we remember them when there is a war going on.
At the end of the day, we end up with a ‘Oh! How sad ‘kind of feeling, that’s something I will never cease to feel the taste of the season. Heroes is a look into lot of such things without any kind of theory and lecture-baazi!
It is more a practical presentation which, in other words, can also be referred to as the mirror of society! It’s not only me but the whole nation will instantly identify with Kuljeet Kaur! As an actor, Heroes is a very new area for me and I’m just proud to be a part of being!
Rumors are also that you have not used to make the whole film. How much is it true?
Yes, I have not used makeup, but only in some parts of the film, while in others, I have. But the one movie I just have not done any make-up is my next film Heaven On Earth! For me, heaven on Earth and Heroes are the two sides of same coin.

4. How was it working with Salman Khan?
To date, never in my career, I never looked at my hero while working with him, stopped at the sets and said, “Oh, You look so good!” But, I did that with Salman Khan when he dressed as a Sardar. I just looked at him and said, “Oh My God! Salman … you look so good!”
Salman, on his part, simply looked at me so endearingly and asked, “Preity … what are you talking about!” With his beard and turban, he looked like a real Jat Sikh! Believe me, he looks so very good in the film.
As a matter of fact, I happened to London, where a group of people came to me and said, “Assi tho zaroor dekhaangey jee Heroes, Salman Khan tho badda sona Lagada Hain jee.” (Dear, we will certainly look at Heroes without fail. Salman looks so good!).
And I was like, ‘Hey! What about me? “(Laughs) To which they replied,” Aap bhi lag rahe ho achhe, par Salman kya lag Raha Hai gabru …. “(You too are looking good, but Salman looks so macho!).
Heroes was previously titled as’ Mera Bhaarat Mahan. Without sounding diplomatic or politically correct, can you please tell us to what name do you prefer more and why?
I think both the titles work for me because the idea that both the titles suits the film so very accurately.
That reminds me of an incident that happened to me a few days back when I was a sign that read ‘Mera Mahan Bhaarat “saw.
But when I came closer to the board, there were these small letters below it which said ‘Banana padega’. (Laughs) When I think of Heroes from a different context, I think that Mera Bharat Mahan sounds like a name with a little cynicism, while Heroes sounds positive. That way, I would stick with Heroes!

5. Vatsal Seth … the literal blue-eyed boy of Bollywood, who started his Bollywood career with a dud like Tarzan-The Wonder Car is again knocking the doors of tinsel town with Heroes. Do you foresee a bright future for him post Heroes?
I am convinced that he was indeed a bright future for him. And when he actually starts to look like a man (post his chocolate hero image), he would have so much experience in this industry that it is only raining awards for him!

6. India win at the Oscars is every Indian dream. So, do you feel that Taare Zameen Par will make every Indian’s dream?
I really hope it wins! It’s a great film. After seeing the movie, I told Aamir that ‘TZP made me cry. And it was not even a love story. “I am already sitting with my fingers and toes crossed with a little prayer of my lips!

7. Can you name three reasons for the common man to watch Heroes?
First is an amazing movie. Secondly, I am in it. And finally, it’s worth every minute.

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