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Neha Dhupia and squash pro Ritwik Bhattacharya open about their decade-old friendship which led eventually love.

The couple who kept their two-year romance under wraps have finally decided to go public with their relationship. “There is much speculation in the press about our relationship. There were stories about us not together, ” says Neha to which Ritwik adds, “People needed to know always knew about our relationship. Even now we are more comfortable with each other. So, I guess this is the right time to talk about our relationship. ”


Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia


1. The past relationships?
Neha: We have seen each other through different relationships. It was all cool. Looking back, it feels really strange. I’m the same girl who until about four years ago would step out of the room to him and his girlfriend ‘alone time’.

2. On the next step?
Ritwik: While we all the time we spent together, because of the distance [he was in London at that time cherished, she had moved from Delhi to Mumbai, we are not the next step. I can not think of us was able to handle a long distance relationship.

3. The parents’ reaction?
Neha: My parents know that it is very important in my life. My brother, who would not care about the other men I’ve dated, shoots very well with him. My dad really admires Ritwik. I see many of my father in him.
Ritwik: I knew her dad before I knew her. My parents have always known about her. I have the house since I was 12 years old so they are free chilled out. My parents love her. Neha is a very simple and grounded girl and that’s why they like her.

4. About marriage?
Neha: We do not have the issue of marriage. Stabbing the bridge when we get to it.
Ritwik: In all these years we have grown and evolved as people. We know each other before we became famous. We are together for the right reasons.

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