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I can not stand good-looking men: Neha Dhupia


Sizzling Neha Dupia

Sizzling Neha Dupia


1. Your husband will be out?
Certainly not from the (film) industry.

2. Reason?
Very simple. I have no sympathy for industry men much. Secondly, I would not like to discuss films after coming back home from work.

3. Would he be a metrosexual man?
No way! I detest metrosexual men right from my childhood.

4. Why so?
Because, I just can not stand men who pedicure and manicure. I remember telling my father why these men do not leave pedicure and manicure to women.

5. Are you saying that men have their fingers and feet unclean leave?
No, not at all. I do not mean they remain dirty, but cleanliness not at the expense of their male. They should not exhibit feminine qualities.

6. Would he be really good looking?
I can not stand good-looking men.

7. Dan?
He must be someone who is robust and has a masculine feel.

8. A man with brains and muscles?
A man with brains would be my choice.

9. He would have to be rich?
See, I prefer a man to excel in earning and leave the spending to me (laughs).

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