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If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am Deeepika Padukone


Cute Deeepika Padukone

Cute Deeepika Padukone

1. Qualities you seek in your husband?
Honesty, good natured, helpfulness and a nice sense of humor are the ‘must haves’.

2. ‘good looks’ also find place to do your list? And how high in the order?
‘Good looks’ is obviously on my list, but it does not figure high in the pecking order.

3. If you like a guy, would you make the first move?
No, I’m too traditional in its feel. If he likes me, he will be the first step.

4. Would you “Dress to Kill’op the first date?
No, I wear something I would feel rather than as something he can attract, but make me look like an idiot.

5. Would you offer to pay half the cost on your first date?
Yes, I would certainly, but it would be up to him to accept.

6. What would your reaction be if girls made ​​a pass at your husband?
I would not lose my cool for sure, because when we are together, then the trust factor is there.

7. You want him to dictate what to wear and what not?
If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am. So definitely, he would have no right to dictate to me.

If you and your husband had to go away from your busy life, where would you get to?
We would go to Rishikesh for some serious mountaineering and river rafting. I love adventure sports.

8. A general characteristic of the men do not like?
That is not manly enough to cry.

9. Among the current Bollywood hunks, who comes closest your husband?
This a difficult question, I think I better give a pass.

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