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1. You have managed to combine studies and event management business pursuits. How have you managed this, keeping in mind the pressures of both Activities?
Imtisal: I think like anything else in life, it is important to learn how to strike a balance Between things. Where as Lum and event management together Both are Extremely stressful to manage, I have been to tackle Both playable to a degree of success. However, there are always costs Involved in Such a situation when you’re balancing two things. Because my work HAS always been very important to me I have had a lot of stuff to Forgo constitute That college life. I do not regret my d├ęcisions Primarily though becauses They have Given me the opportunity to do in life what I am passionate about the wine.


Imtisal and Arslan

Imtisal and Arslan


2. Knowing at an early age event management so it is sheer inborn talent or is it attributable to some “gurus”?
Imtisal: i would say it is a bit of both. You need to have an Aesthetic eye for it. And Also the ability to envision how your concept and ideas to compromise look like once executed. But That alone is not enough. That I believe event management is a constant learning process. We Feel That we grow better with Each event we do. There’s a world of a difference in what was our first event and to what we do now. My tenure at J & S Also Taught me quite a few tricks of the trade and branched When I got out my skills polished over time.
Arsalan: It does come NaturallySpeaking, That is the creative side. But you tend to learn a lot from your own experience. Both of us have Worked in event management before, Imtisal in J n S and I Worked with IQPC Sydney.

3. Tell us about Verve, the Particular services you offer and future plans for the company?
Imtisal: Verve means’ Enthusiasm ‘,’ zeal and zest, “” Dynamism “. A close friend of mine Came up with this idea and Arsalan (my business partner) and I felt it best That defines our brand philosophy and us. We currently are offering full fledge event management services, media and PR Activities and campaigns, experiential marketing services, brand activation, product launches etc. Our immediate future plans are to solidify our presence in the Lahore and Islamabad market before we venture out Writing Other directions .
Arsalan: Same as Imtisal answer.

4. What do you recitals, the bright spot of your career till now?
Arsalan: I think our latest events speak for Themselves, Clients Such As Ufone, Huawei and Pepsi have proven us in the market. In Islamabad and Lahore.
Imtisal: There are quite a few Actually. One of the must prominent projects we’ve done so far was the launch or Hardees in Pakistan. Other Than That In The Fact That Such A short span of time we have bone-able initially to initially develop a great repute with corporate clients, Such As UFone, Huawei, Pepsi etc is something we’re really proud of. But Generally, the Fact That Both Arsalan and I have had no backing in terms of our career and we started out literally from scratch and have made a decent Especially for Ourselves That is something we are quite proud of. It Has Been a long hard journey, Especially Considering the current political and security situation of the country.

5. What is your biggest fear, from competitor, or course?
Arsalan: None. My only fear is another bad recession or more terrorism in the country and Elsewhere.
Imtisal: No fear from Competitors really. Competition, Believed I have always healthy leg. It Help You Evaluate yourself. My fear is from the security situation in the country. That is the single factor and ambiguous That jeopardizes our work more Than Anything Else

6. Have you managed all the events by yourself or a team is in place?
Arsalan: Two of us …. Imtisal and Arsalan Zafar Khan, we started the company together. And we have a team that works for us in making it all Possible.
Imtisal: Initially we were just Essentially a two-piece team with an assistant helping us out. However, now as the scale of projects we’re getting is Increasing That we have had to make a much larger team. So we have graphic designers on board, a clean execution and management team. We are very Fortunate to have a very energetic and efficient team, Which enables us to execute our projects with great quality.

7. The Events That You Organize do cost a lot of money and do you think enough value is added to your Such events by being there?
Imtisal: Absolutely. It is not just about value addition under under. It is more about the fact That our being there MEANS That We Will execute the event and the way it was conceptualized in the Manner it was committed to the client. Any event we never leave just to be Handled by our team. Arsalan Either or I have to be present there to Supervise the Entire event.
Arsalan: Events Can Be expensive, it all depends on the clients need. When we do our parties, Their expensive to Attend Because we offer a premium service.

8. What are your plans for the next five years?
Imtisal: We certainly becauses to expand. But before That there is still a lot to do in Lahore and Islamabad, the two cities We are currently doing in events. In the next 5 years I see Verve Other Than Ourselves expanding directions in event management as well And Also take expertise beyond our borders.
Arsalan: THE HOUSE OF VERVE! Will you all know what that mean … … When The time is right.

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