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Fashion Trends Hiba Nadeem interviews, exclusive buyer fashion luxury boutique shopping and COO of Lords. A store that the inclusion of Western designer brands in Pakistan pioneer, the boutique exclusively represents some of the most coveted of the world labels including Gucci, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Canali and most recently introduced ETRO in Pakistan.

Born and raised in Europe, Hiba travel to fashion destinations like Milan, Paris and London to pieces and collections to select the job two or three times per season. It ensures that we Pakistanis have the choice of each season, and that the pieces are modern and yet portable taking into account the Eastern audience.


Hiba Nadeem

Hiba Nadeem


Today we talk exclusively to Hiba and find out what there is to know about fashion.

1. How did the opportunity for you to become a Fashion Buyer for men came to the shop?
I think we create opportunities for ourselves, and then follow with supply.

2. Are you involved in purchasing the network aspect of the business?
Good question. I am the buyer for Man Store but I am also the COO, so I manage the entire enterprise.

3. How do you feel your education helped you in your line of work?
I get this question a lot, we feed our experiences and practical work experience for me on the whole it is essential to truly understand the needs of every professional environment.

4. You get too much, which is your favorite travel destination for fashion retail?
I do not sound boring, but my favorite destination is the purchase or showrooms, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong … etc

5. Compared with the West, Pakistan is a different market altogether, what do you keep in mind when buying parts for Pakistanis?
It’s a good question, generally the core collection remains more or less identical to the West, the restrictions that come with pieces of high fashion, where cultural and climatic constraints are considered. However, buying trends differ between the provinces and I find that very interesting, that allows me to play more with the collections.

6. It is sometimes difficult to pick up western clothes and accessories for a Pakistani audience?
Not really, once basic understanding of buying behavior the creative aspect of buying kicks in (that’s the fun part!)

7. What are the criteria you use to select a collection for an upcoming season. Tell us on the autumn / winter 2009 specifically?
Well, the climate determines the weight of the particular collection for autumn / winter. The rest really depends on collection of the designer himself and direction for that particular season. so this to autumn / winter 1909, in place of “sober” with multiple accents of warm shades Berry – are important to remember that the “fashion” is opinion and reflects the essence with regard to us within the time we live

8. What accessory do you think the rage this season?
The structured jacket, blazer and trench. Think about the shape and design and relate it to my previous answer.

9. Name two key wardrobe accessories for men and women enjoy the season in mind?
Think Vintage!

So for my lovely ladies – a timeless look into Gucci’s handbags next season, believe me. Once you see this collection, it will speak for itself.

Trendy Guys – double breasted peak lapel suit entirely, navy and gray dominate the season on form eels.

The second accessory for men and women that I would not be seen without the ever so classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the perfect complement to any outfit!

10. Men’s Store is planning to introduce any new brands this season?
Rock and Republic! One of my favorite jeans brand and there’s more! The launch of our new beauty division, with the hottest niche skincare, makeup and fragrances that we are all really excited!

11. What is your experience so far with Men’s Store and his team?
We are a team, and I believe that teams make better decisions than individuals, we have successfully innovative, progressive and accountable environment that evolves as we do.

12. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
The Sky’s the limit. What do you think?

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