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A salutatorian graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (class of 2000), Yasin is affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in France. He has a degree in fashion and is currently a member of the Board and the Executive Committee of the fashion institution he graduated.

Started as a fashion choreographer in 1994, Yasin worked both as a choreographer and designer shows in Pakistan and in several international shows, including Dubai, London, New York City and Toronto.


Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin


The year 2000 marked the introduction of own fashion label’s Yasin, HSY. Starting as a bridal and formal wear couture house, it has since become one of the most recognized South Asian fashion labels in the world and currently has over 350 employees and six shops at the international level, with the flagship Studio is based in Lahore.

In 2003, Karachi-based Diva Magazine Yasin placed on the cover of their “powerful people” problem and also as one of their 10 Faces of the Year.

In 2007, Yasin launched a jewelry line under the brand HSY.

1. Tell me about your learning history, your tag history?
“In 1994 I started my career as a fashion choreographer, during the14 years that followed, I have a lot of local shows, I traveled a lot and did much of the international shows. During that time I decided not to throw away my career and one conventional become. When I was 5 years old, I have an urge to make my own fabric design. In 1996 I joined the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD) and graduated in 2000, I learned how clothes are put together, the philosophy that led to the opening of my fashion HSY in. The government of Pakistan has just appointed me to the board of the school as well and the Executive Committee. HSY is the winner of Lux Style Fashion Designer of the Year Award 2005-6.

2. What is your philosophy on the art of fashion design?
The design philosophy of HSY for combining contemporary silhouettes with traditional techniques of the old, making it appealing to an international clientele who appreciate the grandeur and extravagance of a royal past, but expect further innovation and creativity.
I think every designer has a different role when looking at fashion. In HSY we always felt that if fashion portrays a slot crazy hurricane fought then with the sensationalism of fashion trends, we HSY the eye of the storm, where we are, it is the center of timeless classic fashion you can now and You can carry maybe 20 years later and it will still be relevant. We do not believe in fashion trends, we want something timeless, classic and elegant.

3. Your label defines?
HSY label refers to the modern woman who understands the rich heritage of the past. The lines are fluid and the silhouette is full and luxurious. With only the purest of fabrics and rich embroidery, the emphasis is on unconditional glamor.

4. Do you have jewelry and accessories line?
Yes, I want to do what I like and I feel that fashion is not just about clothes, it’s a lifestyle. And I want HSY a lifestyle product that I want people to buy into the lifestyle that HSY represents something for everyone.

5. When did you start menwear clothes?
I always wanted to do menswear, but would slowly and gradually progress with full concentration and something exciting and fantastic produce. Now we have the time and we feel that we HSY ladies set up so we can start from HSY menswear. Can not start something I can not focus on, seriously, it’s trying your hand in everything and that’s what we do now.

6. Do you offer READY Line for the middle class?
Yeah, sure why not. Prices are very low.

7. What skill do you need for a fashion designer?
You have so many skills are incredible and I think it applies to many professions. Besides of course a good aesthetic sense and ability to be creative you need to be able to explore the world to explore yourself and all things around you to explore because fashion is about constant reinvention with a philosophy underlined. You also need to travel and meet people, understand cultures and socio-economic constraints. If you know all this I’m sure you can set up a shop in Lahore and sales.

8. So it is not just about creativity?
Creativity is very important to a designer, but if you want a successful designer you need to be successful in every way, as being innovative and understand the market. I mean, I can connect with a great idea for a bikini and put it in Peshawar, who will buy? It should be relevant to be relevant in your ad.

9. Who inspired you to come in this area?
The inspiration behind the collection is the spiritual beauty of the East, the celebration of our prosperous time honored heritage with an emphasis on the use of cuts, both contemporary and timeless, a classic look that is elegant craft.

10. What is the importance of innovation in fashion design?
Very important element.

11. In recent years, many new designers come. Do you think this market will saturate or isit a good sign for the fashion industry?
“No. Where there is a lot of talent mixed mainly thanks to the Internet, there is also a benefit to consumers. Consumers are smart. The consumer begins to realize the different options available under different roofs. Consumers will no longer similar to one million U.S. dollars she wants to feel like a million dollars. What happens is that a lot of designers right now and I think the consumer will shift and the good ones will survive and the bad ones will get down to it. In the trial proper will get better, because they will realize that competition in the market and competition will motivate them to be more creative. ”

12. Do you believe in fate? Is important for the fate of a high ranking in this area?
Yes, I believe strongly in fate

13. What do you do in your spare time?
I wish I had no free time. I never do. It’s always crazy and rush from project to project, we just launched HSY jewelry and plan to HSY home furniture line and accessories so that the launch will drive me even more mad.

14. Dress makes a man or a man makes a dress?
“Man makes sure the clothes, clothes man. I do not think many people often do, I think those who believe that clothes the man will be people with low self esteem probably no personality.”

15. What advice do you give future designers?
“Go to school, there are no shortcuts. Develop yourself. More information about fashion, construction of wearing apparel; understand who really is a designer. Go through the whole process of education as it does not work then there are many different fields related the fashion industry such as production, management or retailing.

16. Who are your favorite photographers?
Ather Shahzad

17. What is the latest fashion buying?
D & G watch from New York.

18. Favorite female model?
“Ahmed Vaneeza explicit method for its life to my lines, put an outfit on her and it will seem like it was for her. Iman Ali is also my favorite place.”

20. Favorite artist for your children?
Shahzad Raza

22. Which city in the world is best for fashion industry and why?
Paris certainly

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