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1. Knowing event management, is it an inborn talent for you or did you have to learn?
Actually it’s a bit of both. I’ve always had good leadership and creative skills and Seem to have a knack for knowing how to get everything done to my exact standards right down to Each small detail. Each event but after you learn something new Which Help You in subsequent component component events.

2. Having your own event management company Established at Such a young age, where do you get from your drive and ambition?
I’ve always been very driven to excel at whatever I put my mind to and have always felt the need to challenge myself, pushing myself to work harder.


Bilal Mukhtar

Bilal Mukhtar


3. Tell us about ‘Bilal Mukhtar Events & PR, “How You Came up with it and the services you offer?
I’ve Always Been a very active person and Socially Worked in the media world for quite some time, and Galanthus it seemed natural to me to combine theses two or mineral interest you-could-say, and start my own PR and Events Company. We provide complete management and PR services to our clients and do everything parties, corporate events, weddings, fashion shows, launches, PR, etc. We take care of everything and ENSURE That our clients are showcased in a Way That makes themself shine the Brightest .

4. We’ve heard That you have an exclusive Launched ‘Bilal Mukhtar Signature Weddings “, tell us about that?
I’ve Always Been interested in doing weddings and thought why not give Them That They deserve the full attention, “Bilal Mukhtar Signature Weddings” does everything from the risks to the Dholki Walima and everything in between, Each and every detail is covered: the decor, place, food, music, etc. I make sure thats my client’s special day is one for They Will Never to Forget.

5. Do you ever manage thing by yourself?
I look after all aspects of the differential and have teams in place that helps me with the smaller details, as some events are too big for just one person alone.

6. What is your biggest fear from Competitors?
I just do not look around for competition, I work hard and pay attention to ENSURE thats what I do is perfect, look Towards the end and not get distracted by Other People Or What They Are doing.

7. The Events That You Organize are expensive, do you think it is worth it?
Of course I do, the client gets all the problems and tasks are ensured Away That They Will Be care tasks or leaving themself free to take care of the business side, leaving us to take care of managing and PR Using our expertise extensification That They May not have available.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
I see myself growing and expanding my business Internationally more and being bigger and better than ever.

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