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1. Can you tell us about yourself and your educational background?
I’m Ali Sher. I am a professional pop singer, musician. I have released three albums so far. I have done masters in business and studied music.


Ali Sher

Ali Sher


2. What do you have in music?
My passion and love for the music in me.

3. What are your main inspirations much music related?
My passion and love for the music in me.

4. Tell us about your philosophy and approach to music.
For me music is a form of expression and you can change the minds of people to change through, it’s a natural thing and I find it everywhere, while numbers are manmade, melody, beat and tempo are the basic elements of the music.

5. Your music album ‘Beetay Pal’ has just been released. What do you feel represents the album?
My new album is a combination of live and electronic music, it’s really my growth in the music and everything I’ve learned over the past 5 years.

6. What inspired you to making this album?
My interest in music keeps me always do more and that is the driving force behind all my album.

7. If you’re not a musician what would you be?
I really never thought about going into another field, once a musician always a musician, it comes naturally to me.

8. What instruments do you play?
I play keyboard.

9. Would you prefer to sing in a particular language?
I sing in Urdu and Punjabi.

10. Is there a difference between a Punjabi and Urdu composition in terms of songwriting, structure and rhythm?
Both Urdu and Punjabi have their own feel and the music and structure should be created dialect.

11. What was the mat is the most decisive point in your career so far?
My last album “Beetay Pal ‘is the most defining moment in my musical career as yet.

12. Do you believe music videos to an essential part of album promotion and sale?
Music videos are very important for the promotion of the songs, especially now a day because the track is not to be noticed without.

13. Apart from Kashf Made in Pakistan and that other productions have you composed music for? All sitcoms, dramas and serial?
I have composed and arranged music for the second album Hadiqa Kiani’s “Roshni” including the title track, Dr aur Billa, logo for Javed Sheikh productions, PTV series “After Jane Kyun” telefilm “14 Din,” sitcoms like “Bas Yunhi” ye tau hona he tha “and” Life “plus” Made in Pakistan, the documentary “.

14. What do you believe is the biggest challenge for the music industry in Pakistan today?
I think that safety and piracy are the biggest problem facing the Pakistani music industry.

15. What can we expect from you in the future?
Inshallah more music, more albums and concerts.

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