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Pakistani drama industry has introduced various new and young actors and actresses. Now the new sensational actress is Sehar Afzal and he is the newly emerging actress, who has made the debut with the drama serial, ‘Tum Yaad Aaye’ and this drama serial was aired on ARY TV. She has very beautiful and elegant face and the fans can know the detail of the beauty of Sehar Afzal.

Actress Sehar Afzal Profile

Profile And Details of Actress Sehar Afzal:

Sehar Afzal lives in Karachi with her mother and grandfather. She belongs to the Punjabi family and their native city Lahore. Being living in Karachi, she cannot speak Punjabi fluently.

Sehar is 26years old and he has weight of 55 kgs and she is slim, tall and has the height of 5’ 7”. This figure is fit to rule on the Pakistan fashion and showbiz industry. She is talented and qualified and she has done her master in English. Her father had wasting cancer and he was died 6 years before. She is the only child in her family and she knows cooking well but her tight schedule does not allow her to cook food. She has the hobbies of horse riding, judo karate and traveling. She likes to eat Biryani. As she likes to remain fit as she  is working in showbiz, so she like to take milk, fruits, fresh juices and other healthy foods.

Actress Sehar Afzal Profile

When she entered in the showbiz industry, she started from modeling and she started working in the drama serials. She made her debut in drama industry through her drama, Tum Yaad Aye and she also performed in various other drama serials like Tum Miley, Dosti k side effects and Thora Sa Aasman. She is also the brand ambassador for Origins.

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When she was asked about working in the drama, she replied that she did not respond to all offers. If she gets any creative script with decent screenplay, she may think over the drama.

Actress Sehar Afzal Profile

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