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Saboor Ali is a famous Pakistani model and actress. Here below, you can get complete information about her as we are telling you about her profile, pictures, dramas and movies.


Saboor Ali Profile, Pictures, Dramas and Movies

Saboor Ali Biography

Saboor Ali is the elder sister of famous Pakistani actress and singer Sajal Ali. Her date of birth is 18th September 1990.

Her weight is 53 kg while she is 5’6” tall. She likes listening music and reading books in her leisure time. Fruits, vegetables and ice cream are her favorite food items. She completed her schooling and higher education from Lahore. Drama “Choti Si Kahani” was her debut drama. Noman Ijaz is her favorite actor.

Saboor Ali relationship

Ali Josh is the fiancé of Saboor Ali. You can look both together in these pictures.

Saboor Ali Dramas

Since 2011, Saboor Ali has performed in several Pakistani dramas. Currently, her drama “Waada” on ARY Digital is on air. Here below, you can view the list of her dramas.

Saboor Ali Movies

Actress Saboor Ali started her film career by playing a supporting role in Pakistani film “Actor in Law”.

Saboor Ali Pictures

You can view pictures of the actress Saboor Ali here below.


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