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Veena Malik is known for her anti-Islami and anti-Pakistani activities which she performed in recent past and became the source for the heartening of most of the people living in this country. She always remained in the news for her most controversial activities and her bold scenes in the Indian movies ashamed the majority of people living in this country and they upbraided her for her notorious characters and roles in the movies. Now she performed in a religious programs “Astaghfar” which is broadcast on the Hero channel.

She appeared in the Astaghfar program being telecast on the Hero channel where she introduced herself as she would be remained with her fans and lovers during the whole month of Ramazan and hosted the program for Astaghfar for her sins and many people who were watching her program during Ramazan. She repented on her sins and showed that she is going to do Astaghfar for her deeds and on her character.

Veena Malik Astaghfar Show

Veena Malik Astaghfar Show

She told that a large number of people watched her program during the whole Holy month and like her confession. But some people did not like this show and her confession without her real repentance on her sins and misdeeds. A person from Lahore has filed a suit against her and said that it is her act for getting popularity among people which is not real and it is actually a drama. The claimant has opted that she did not perform the program but make fun of the Islamic rituals. The television channel also used her for getting rating of their television channel and nothing else. What will be the output of the case we will see?

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