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After a long battle fraught with controversy and publicity stunts, Veena Malik’s dream has finally come true!

Yes Veena Malik took the role of the heroine in a low-budget Bollywood movie ‘Daal Main Kala Kuch hai “in which she plays a double role. The director of the film is Anand Balraj and it is his debut film as director.


Veena Malik

Veena Malik

According to one source, the film will have an item number other than the Veena and the screen will only target audience than multiplexes. Although the film did not even Class B or C, Veena still does not offer the only Bollywood has been lost!

Moreover, the drama queen also applied for the renewal of her visa and she also has a house for himself in an unfamiliar place. Hmm, looks like Veena Daal Main Kala Hai Kuch real as we can see you are trying to take everything in Pakistan.

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