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By zeeshan

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane are the two leading and popular Pakistani celebrities, which belong to Pakistan entertainment industry and they have been dating with each other and now they have revealed their relationship. It is reported now that this famous couple is now engaged.

Farhan Saeed shared the news on Instagram post on Monday and he shared this surprising news with the fans by saying that she said ‘yes’ to him. This post shows that she supposedly holds the hand of Farhan Saeed while she was wearing the engagement ring.

He gave an interview previously to the media persons and he said that he is opened up with the relationship with the actress, Urwa. Now they become together and everyone knows about it and it does not a rumor any longer and turned into a reality.

He said that they got together now and they have confessed their cordial relationships on the social media and now they are going to accept each other. Both the actors have worked in different projects including the super hit drama, Mere Ajnabi and Udaari. Now the couple was seen in the ceremonies holding hands of each other in the big red carpet ceremonies in the country. There is rumor about the couple that they are going to tie the knot during the month of December.




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