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There are some rumors that there is some misunderstanding or fight, which broke out between these two celebrities, Aamer Khan and salman Khan. It would be a hearsay that the Bollywood megastars fought with each other. They were gathered in the home of Aamer Khan, because he invited him in his home in the party with some other friends, where PK fame actor, Aamer Khan praised him about his performance in the movie, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. He said that he performed well in this movie while there are huge numbers of movies in his credit. The further added that he felt some maturity in his acting, which he did not feel in his previous movies.

On the other hand, Salman Khan did not like such comments on his personality and his performance in the movies, so he did not hold back and spoke about the ill will of Aamer Khan. It seemed there were some tears in the eyes of Aamer Khan. These rumors are needed to be confirmed, as this news has already been published in various leading journals of India. Before this, there were some news about the fight between the three Khans and sometimes, these were proved true and sometimes these were fake and fabricated. Indian media is showing the recent fight between these two megastars on their coming movies, Dangal and Sultan and these movies are made on the similar topic. There are some clues that these are the bone of contention between these two megastars.

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