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Sahir Lodhi is back now with his Superb, electrifying hosting skills for fans in new show Morning With Sahir, currently being aired on. At the launch of this morning show, Sahir Lodhi rocked the floor on bike and amidst fans crowd, made his way to stage where he then danced vigorously. Gangnam Style has even made Sahir Lodhi to shake his body at the blasting launch of his new morning show at Aplus.

Sahir Lodhi Gangnam Style

Sahir Lodhi Gangnam Style

Fans could be very excited to see their favorite host Sahir Lodhi back in a morning show again but those who even can’t tolerate him almost threw their breakfasts. He is popularly known for his crisp hosting tactics and skills but further more for his Shah Rukh Khan ridden style and now he has even tried world famous Gangnam Style. Everyone is getting impressed with his new style. Do you agree?

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