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By zeeshan

There are several such Pakistani actresses that are on the top of Pakistani showbiz industry due to their talent and beauty while they are known only to younger generation before entering the TV industry as they were performing as VJs earlier. But now, they are famous and well known to almost everyone in the country. Following are the top 9 Pakistani VJ turned Actresses:

·         Hira Tareen- VJ turned Actresses

Hira Tareen

Hira Tareen started her career as VJ and DJ and later became a model and then actress. In this journey, she has proved her skills and abilities. The actress started her career at Style 360 in Shopping 360. In this show, Hira performed as VJ while visiting different designers and brands and telling people about the current and former fashion.

·         Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar is a talented and famous actress who started her career as VJ Fuse on Aag TV. It was the first TV show that also went live on the radio. After performing as VJ, Naveen later entered in the drama industry where she proved her immense talent with her performance in drama “Humsafar” and several others. Currently, two of her dramas are on air at HUM TV.

·         Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer

In 2002, famous actress Ayesha Omar started her career as a host on PTV. Later, she performed as VJ on MTV Pakistan. Soon after that, the actress also launched few songs. Currently, she is ranked amongst the top actresses of Pakistani showbiz industry. She is a model and singer also but she is commonly known as actress due to famous drama “Bulbulay”.

·         Hina Altaf- VJ turned Actresses

Hina Altaf

On Play TV, the career of VJ Hina Altaf started with programs ‘News Play’ and ‘Play Your Request’. But now, she has also started acting as she was seen playing lead roles in dramas including “Udaari” and “Misaal”. But she is also hosting a show on ‘ARY Zindagi’ along her acting. People of every age like Hina as an actor, host and VJ.

·         Madiha Imam- VJ turned Actresses

VJ Madiha

Madiha Imam achieved fame with drama “Ishq Mein Tere” while she started her showbiz career as VJ on ‘MTV’. Soon, she joined another show on ‘ARY Musik’ during which she used to talk with fans about modern gadgets. Later, she found that she is getting famous among people after which she decided to enter the Pakistani drama industry.

·         Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is a famous actress and morning show host who started her career as VJ in a show on ‘Play TV’ in 2008. Later, she hosted a show on Aag TV and soon joined TV as actress. Her first drama as actress was “Dil e Muztar” that aired on HUM TV. Now, the actress is liked by many fans. Recently, she married and now she is blessed with a baby girl.

·         Syra Shahroz- VJ Turned Actresses

Syra Shahroz

Syra Shahroz is another VJ turned actress who started her career on MTV Pakistan in shows “Most Wanted” and “Bheja Fry”. After some time, she also started acting while her first drama was “Mera Naseeb” on ‘HUM TV’. Syra is now married to actor Shahroz Sabwari while the couple has a one year old daughter ‘Nooreh’.

·         Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane

In 2008-09, Urwa-tul-Wusqa Hocane performed as VJ during her teenage on ‘Play TV’. Later, she stared acting in Pakistani dramas. Her first drama was on air in 2012. She has also played lead role in drama “Udaari” while she also started her film career with Pakistani film “Na Maloom Afraad”.

·         Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan

At MTV Pakistan’s show “Most Wanted”, Mahira Khan performed as VJ and her performance was liked by many. She was just 16 at that time. During her show on “Aag TV”, “Bol” film’s director Shoaib Mansoor picked her for his film. The movie proved to be a hit one and proved to be starting point of her magnificent acting career.


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