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Our celebrities have several fans in Facebook and Twitter and now a new craze has also emerged on social site Instagram where the Pakistani celebrities are also continuously posting their family photos or selfies for their fans. Followers are the Pakistani celebrities with highest number of followers on Instagram.

Atif Aslam

Insta-Handle: atifaslam

No. of Followers: 534k

He has few pictures with his wife while most of his photos on Instagram include pictures from his performance, travel log, witty captions and random photography.

Mehreen Syed

Insta-Handle: imehreensyed

No. of Followers: 458k

Pictures of the model include glamour and latest happening in the fashion world along with pictures of her upcoming projects.

Ali Zafar

Insta-Handle: ali_zafar

No. of Followers: 286k

He is one of those few persons who are not so fond of taking selfies. You can see him enjoying company of others.

Mehwish Hayat

Insta- Handle: mehwishhayatofficial

No. of Followers: 278k

You will get lot of strange selfies, dance pictures, modeling style and even few stupid pictures like water with a bidet shower.

Humaima Malik

Insta-Handle: Humaimamalick

No. of Followers: 204k

The figures of Instagram shows, that the high paying actress is continuously getting lot of fame. Lots of her latest pictures are about her scenes from her upcoming Bollywood film along with her recent pictures with Indian actor Arjun Kapoor.

Ayesha Omar

Insta-Handle: ayesha.m.omar

No. of Followers: 132k

You can view fashionable photos of the actress at her Instagram account which also include pictures for promotion of her upcoming movie.

Azfar Rehman

Insta-Handle: azfu

No. of Followers: 108k

Lots of beautiful pictures are present in the Instagram account of Azfar Rehman that include selfies with female collegues during a drama, star fileld party or an award show.

Mahira Khan

Insta-Handle: mahirahkhan

No. of Followers: 96.1k

The famous actress is showing her recent busy schedule as she is currently engaged in several Pakistani and Bollywood projects.


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