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Mehwish Hayat Copied Katrina Face Criticism

Karachi, Mehwish Hayat is the leading Pakistani model and actress and she has started the item girls for Pakistani movies. She received the award of Tamgha-e- Imtiaz and now she copies Katrina Kaif in the song of the new coming Pakistani movie. She has been criticized severely for copying the Indian actress during her item song. New coming Pakistani movie, ‘Baji’ will be released very soon but its item song, ‘Gangster Guriya’ has been released in which Mehwish Hayat has danced but her style looks like the dance style of the leading Indian actress, Katrina Kaif. This song is getting popular among the Pakistani viewers and her copying style of Katrina Kaif is being criticized among the viewers on the social media. Mehwish Hayat Copied Katrina Face Criticism.

When this song was released, people criticized the hairstyle of Mehwish Hayat and it is declare same as the hairstyle of Katrina Kaif in the song ‘Husn Parcham’ of the Indian movie, ‘Zero’. People did not limit to the criticism but they have shared some pictures of Katrina Kaif and Mehwish Hayat. The dance style of Mehwish Hayat was looking same as the dance style of Katrina Kaif.

The viewers shared their views on the dance, hairstyle and the style of the actress and they also criticized over Pakistani film makers, who are seemed impressed by the Indian films. Pakistanis do not want to watch the Indian movies and their style but they want to watch Pakistani movies as these movies have their own style and Pakistani film makers do not try to copy the Indian movies. There are some of the viewers, who praised her performance in the item song and she was really looking very beautiful in the item song ‘Gangster Guriya’.


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