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The beautiful and glamorous actress of Pakistani film industry, Meera is going to appear in the remake of Pakeeza in Bollywood in the role of Meena Kumariji.

Meera In Remake Of Pakeezah

Meera In Remake Of Pakeezah

The popular and classical movie, Pakeezah was produced by the director, Kamal Amrohi in 1972 which got popularity and now the son of the director, Tajdar Amrohi is going to make its remake and he decided to give the leading role of heroine to Meera. On contact with Meera for her role in the remake of the popular movie, Pakeezah, she told that she is very glad with this offer and she cannot narrate her feelings in words. She said that she watched this movie many times and she liked the role of Meena Kumariji, which impressed me lot. Her role in the movie was tremendous and fascinating so I loved her and her role. Shen Mr Tajdar Amrohi offered her to play the lead role in the remake of the movie ‘Pakeezah’ then she got excited and she accepted the offer at once.

While discussing, Tajdar Amrohi said that the discussion on the movie is still continued but it is not easy to work in the movie especially in the role of Meena Kumariji. She wished for performing in the movie some years before but she is immature and she is not considering perfect for the tough role of Meena Kumariji, so I did not accept to offer her for the said role, which is the lead role of the movie. He further said that this movie will cost 20 times more than the original cost incurred on the movie at its preparation time. There are huge expenses on the costumes, various uphill tasks and the aura and it is not easy to make its remake.

The legendary role of the Meena Kumariji can change the luck of the heroine, so look what happen in future. It will be said when the whole cost and production team will be selected for the remake of the movie.

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