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By zeeshan

This scene has some high and low minutes as the viewers will watch the adoration filled scenes, which are happened between father of Iffy and Salahuddin. He chose not to leave the home of Iffy even after a portion of the occurrences, which are transpired. Presently he chose to stay in this home deal with father of Iffy, who is old and powerless man and there is nobody, who can deal with this old and defenseless man. Kuki settled her own particular terms and conditions for the stay of Salahuddin in her home. She trusted that Salahuddin won’t satisfy his obligations, which she is required to him however she doesn’t have any worry with the matters amongst Salahuddin and father of Iffy.


In this scene, father of Iffy and Salahuddin imparted their discussions to each other. When he chatted with Bia on the phone, then he imparted his emotions to father of Iffy. This is the first run through, when Salahuddin lamented on his choice and the viewers will watch him in this temperament. This was the troublesome time for Salahuddin, when he felt sorry after his discussion with Bia on the telephone. The character of Salahuddin is not persuading, but rather he appeared to be exceptionally feeble and powerless. He is looking the handy and minding man. He is solid in the part of viable and minding man however he was not looking fit to demonstrate his adoration with his life. The viewers will listen the chuckling of Hamza Ali Abbasi and it appeared to be fake in the present scene of the show. Talat Hussain is the main and most encouraging performer and he is looking fit in this part. Individuals like to watch these two individuals working in the dramatization and they have relations with each other. Presently the discussion is moving around the cash and father of Iffy needs to give something, which he considers the privilege of Salahuddin to give him. Be that as it may, he gave the feeling that he doesn’t have much in his name yet Iffy said to his dad entirely unexpected, when he discussed the property with his dad.

In this scene, it is likewise uncovered that Meekael is card shark, alcoholic and he is additionally a liar as he took cash to purchase two plane tickets from his mom yet he purchased one and only ticket. In this scene, after a few scenes, he was battling with his companions and the viewers will find that he is searching for cash. Mannu conversed with her dad and she imparted some enthusiastic minutes to him and she was deceiving her family. She attempted to persuade them that she is driving the upbeat life. Her dad asked her that she can return to him when she finds that she can’t live with Meekael any longer. Mannu said to her family that they don’t consider her along these lines and she will think to return to home of her dad, which is excluded in her choices. Presently the viewers can watch that the amount she has been changed and her dad has seen this adjustment in the life of his little girl. I think Mannu realized that Bia will recount the entire story to Salahuddin so she said to her that she would not be content with any other individual. Mannu chatted with all individuals from her family, particularly with her dad and Bia and it has awesome worth for him. The response of Salahuddin to the exchange with Bia let them know that he was all the while cherishing with Mannu.

Talat Hussain has performed well in this scene and Maya Ali has demonstrated his splendid execution in this scene and she has indicated incredible execution in this scene. A few scenes were long and exhausting and review of the following scene was likewise appeared to provide the insight that the account of father of Iffy and their relationship will get more grounded than some time recently. Presently it will be seen that when the part of father of risky will proceed and when it will be done. Presently the dramatization is setting off to the better end as there were extraordinary upgrades in the present scene. Presently the track of Salahuddin kept the enthusiasm of the viewers in this appear and Mannu has transformed her life totally. Be that as it may, the character of Meekael was getting bore and there is no further enthusiasm for it.

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