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Mahira Khan Denial Her Engagement

Mahira Khan is the leading Pakistani actress and she has shown wonderful performances in the dramas and movies. She was on tour to Turkey and she has shared some stunning pictures during her trip to Turkey. She was dressed in the beautiful dresses of the leading fashion designer, Faraz Manan white lehanga choli, which is heavily embellished and navy blue Menahel and Mehreen number went viral on the social media. It is reported by one of the Indian publications that the starlet is now getting engaged.

Picture of Mahira Khan

There are the rumors in the media about her engagement with her apparent boyfriend as India Today has published the story on this subject. Mahira Khan Denial Her Engagement.

In the latest photo, you can find on the net that Mahira and Salim are looking dressed in the formal dress and they are standing close to each other. This picture is taking from a party, where they were looking dancing together and it is reported that they are engaged in some PDA.

Mahira Khan

The close sources of the starlet turned down rumors when they talked with media and said that it is just rumors. She was attending the marriage ceremony of a friend and she shared a picture of the wedding party on her instagram account.


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