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By zeeshan

The Pakistani audience will be well aware about the talented Pakistani actress, Madiha Imam, who has been VJ and also host in various shows. She started working in TV line. She is the youngest TV artist and she has beautiful and charming brown eyes and she has wonderful and beautiful smile and has wonderful facial feature, which are necessary for camera. The women and girls can check her pictures, which are added here and they show her cuteness.

Madiha Imam Profile

Madiha Imam was born on 8th February and she has the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. She was born in Karachi and also grown up there. She also completed her education from that city and she started working as VJ and also hosting the shows. She started performing on TV in the drama serial, Dhaani, which was aired on Geo TV channel. She also worked as model in various ads.

Madiha Imam Dramas List And Shows List

She started her career from radio and then she turned to TV and performed in various TV dramas. She also performed in the drama serial, Ishq Main Terey, which was aired on HUM TV channel. She also hosted many shows on the MTV and ARY channels and she proved her abilities. Hosting the show is her passion and she likes to host the shows. In her first drama serial, Dhaani, she performed with Sami Khan.

Madiha Imam Pictures

The women and girls can watch the pictures of Madiha Imam, which are given here and they will like this cute girl, who is performing in the dramas and also host various shows. If she starts hosting the show once again, then we will inform you about her activities. With the passage of time, her talent is polishing and she is doing better than many other artists. There are many pictures, in which she is appearing very beautiful and elegant.

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