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Lara Dutta the Bollywood actress has turned 33 today. Lara Dutta’s life was always pleasurable but her wedding ceremony in February has added much happiness in her life. Its her first birth anniversary as Mrs. Bhupathi so it’s a great happiness for Lara Dutta. According to news reports she is very busy in her upcoming movie Chalo Dilli. Chalo Dilli is been co-produced by her loving hubby Mahesh. In this movie Lara and Vinay Pathak are working as a pair whose romance shows the most common points of the romance been happened in this world.


Cute Babe Lara Dutta

Cute Babe Lara Dutta


After whole day work on the movie Lara Dutta made herself free in the evening for a private party been held with her husband Mr. Bhupathi.



Hot Sexy Lara Dutta

Hot Sexy Lara Dutta


Mahesh Bhupathi is a tennis star so after there marriage in February they were both famous even more in the country and no doubt for her first birthday with tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi as her husband would be a special one. In the birthday party the former Miss Universe promote her upcoming new film Chalo Dilli which is being co-produced by her husband Mahesh.


Sexy Lara Datta

Sexy Lara Datta


Her birthday was the biggest ever birthday party in her life, in which many stars of Bollywood attended the beautiful birthday party. The beautiful Lara Dutta is also now working for PETA. Recently she shot Go Vegetarian Campaign for PETA as well.


Sizzling Hot Lara Dutta

Sizzling Hot Lara Dutta


Lara Dutta as actress did many movies. Some of her movies in which she perform as actress are

•  Aan – released in 2004

•  Andaaz – released in 2003

•  Bardaasht- released in 2004

•  Bhagam Bhag- released in 2006

•  Blue- released in 2009

•  Choron Ka Chor- released in 2003

•  Do Knot Disturb- released in 2009

•  Dosti – Friends Forever- released in 2005

•  Elaan- released in 2004

•  Insan- released in 2004

•  Jhoom Barabar Jhoom- released in 2007



Topless Sizzling Lara Dutta

Topless Sizzling Lara Dutta


I wish Lara Dutta a very happy birthday with her husband Mahesh Bhupathi.

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