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Fawad Khan and Danish Taimoor both are known as the country’s superb models and actors. Since quite long, both have been performing in the media and showbiz industry of Pakistan. Danish Taimoor is one of the most acknowledged celebrities of Pakistan.

A Little about Danish Taimoor:

Recently, Danish Taimoor appeared in the program “Tonight with HSY” along with his wife and actress Ayeza Khan. They made the show very popular. Both of them are great couple while Danish is one of the busiest actors of Pakistan due to his nice performance.

Is Danish following Fawad:

In a recent interview, Danish told that now he has started a new life after getting married to Ayeza. Now he wants to make good earnings as he wants to keep his wife happy. Danish also told that it is difficult for him to fulfill the requirements of his family with the earnings through Pakistani media. Though, there are no clear comments from Danish and Ayeza about his signing of a Bollywood film but the tone shows that Danish also wants to establish himself in the Bollywood.

Danish and Aiza as a Couple:

We can see a good and beautiful couple of Pakistani celebs Danish and Ayeza as they both are beautiful and handsome. They also know each other quite well even before their marriage. Their marriage brought big smiles on the faces of their fans. It is also known that Danish’s family set the condition for marriage that Ayeza would quit her TV career and she did so.

Danish Taimoor and Aeyza Khan

Danish Taimoor and Aeyza Khan

There are very few chances that we could see Ayeza back in the TV industry and it is more likely that she would never came back in the showbiz industry.

If Danish Taimoor gets a chance to perform in Bollywood, then he needs the support from his wife Ayeza which would help him perform well there.

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