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By zeeshan

We saw exceptional glamour and style in the ‘HUM TV Style Awards 2016” that were held in Karachi on October 28, 2016. You can view the 10 best styled celebrities in this award here below.

Top 10 Celebs That Made a Style Statement at Hum Style Award 2016


Ayesha Omar

was wearing a crop top along with white Shehla Chatoor Studio skirt in the event.


9. Sajal Aly was wearing a Nomi Ansari white dress that make her look like a doll at HUM TV Style Awards 2016 while her makeup was done by Natasha Salon.

Sajal Aly

8. Naveen Waqar was having a dress with superb color sense along with elegant heels which made her look exceptional in the awards.

Naveen Waqar

7. Zaid Ali T was looking really tidy while he was wearing a beautiful three-piece suit.

6. Imran Abbas was again looking best as he was clad in a brown and black three-piece suit.

Imran Abbas

5. Shahzad Noor was wearing a dull-teal two piece which was different from others as they were mainly wearing black and blue dresses.

Shahzad Noor

4. Samina Peerzada was again looking simple and glamorous. She was even looking prettier than several younger women.

Samina Peerzada

3. Hamza Ali Abbasi once again managed to get an award after the ‘Lux Style Awards’. Every time, he is seen amazing while wearing eastern style dresses.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

2. Mahira Khan was wearing Rizwan Beyg saree with black and fawn lace in which she was looking simple but alluring. Babar Zaheer and Adnan Ansari were her hair and makeup stylists respectively. It was her right to get an award.

Mahira Khan

1. Fatima Effendi was present alongside her husband Kanwar Arsalan and both were looking really astonishing.

Fatima Effendi

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