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Babu Baral was the most funniest artist in Pakistani Stage dramas. Mostly Pakistani dramas were popular because of his unique styles in every drama. His dramas were most popular because of his great Punjabi comedy. Peoples love to see him on the stage. He made his life’s first film in 1987. After that he made other films also. He was not only popular in Pakistan but he was also famous in India.



Funny Person Babbu Baral

Funny Person Babbu Baral


He was also most popular in songs parodies. Mostly he writes his own parodies for songs that’s why peoples love to listen his made parodies.



Shoki khan & Babbu Baral

Shoki khan & Babbu Baral


Here is a list of few of his movies:

No paisa no problem,

Kurian Sheher Dian



Famouse Comedian Babbu Baral

Famouse Comedian Babbu Baral


Here is a list of few of his stage dramas:

Dil Diyan Lagyan

Shartia mithey,

Mehndi Lagi mere Haath

Larha Chori Da

bas Kar Abba

Yes Papa

Jawab Drusat Hai

Allah Waris

Hut Ja Pechay

Bandh Muthi Lakh Ki

Bat Ban Jaye


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