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By Safyan

Pak-Canadian actress, Armeena Rana Khan is not available these days. She has performed in the movie, Janaan and she is engaged with her fiancé, the ‘British Bae’ and the couple is happily engaged now. Armeena is well known for her stellar performances in various Pakistani dramas and she shared the adorable pictures of her accepting the proposal on the instagram.

The star of Yalghar posted the picture of herself and her fiancé on beach in Cube, who is down on the knee and posted. When he got down on the knees, then I said yes.

Armeena Rana Khan

Armeena Rana Khan

She also expressed her happiness in another post and wrote that she was very happy on that day and there is no one, who can bring down her. She will reveal his name and everything about him in few days. After that they came back to England. She thanked the fans for showing their love to her and she was overwhelmed. She did not believe everything you read.

She has kept the identity of her fiancé hidden and the star of the Janaan promised to reveal him and everything we need to know about him. Armeena Khan revealed his first glimpse last month and she dedicated her 500th post to him and she expressed her gratitude for showing his support to her.

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