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The prince of pop, Ali Zafar has been rated as the fifth sexiest Asian man in the world by Eastern Eye, a leading British-Asian paper.


Ali Zafar With Music Instruments

Ali Zafar With Music Instruments


And that makes him “The Sexiest Man in Pakistan ‘. Other than Ali, there are only two Pakistanis on the list. British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan, who ranks at No. 9 on the list and Atif Aslam, who ranks number 16 on the list.


Ali Zafar Cool Pic

Ali Zafar Cool Pic


This is the third time Zafar has been voted as one of the 10 sexiest Asian men. He was elected as the fourth in 2008 and was voted the 8th sexiest man of the year by the same magazine in 2007 and continues to captivate fans with his heart throbing persona.


Ali Zafar Hairstyle

Ali Zafar Hairstyle

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  1. waqas

    ali you are very cute man i knew that realy

  2. farwa

    Ali u r so handsom,smart,cool i am your biggest fannnnnnnn

  3. farwa

    your pics are loking amazing

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